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Terrorists Killed in Idleb, Terrorists’ Infiltration Attempt from Jordan Thwarted

Terrorists Killed in Idleb, Terrorists’ Infiltration Attempt from Jordan Thwarted
Dec 30, 2012

PROVINCES, (SANA) – The Armed Forces have continued their national mission of hunting the armed terrorist groups at different sites in Idleb province as they destroyed their criminal tools and hideouts, killing many of them.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that an army unit killed several terrorists and injured many others, as it destroyed four launchers of locally-made missiles that were used in their attacks at orchards in Maartamasrin area.

The source added that another army unit destroyed terrorists’ dens and hideouts killing the terrorists inside in Taftanaz, To’oum, Kafar Rohin, nirab and Ain Sheet, in addition to destroying a number of vehicles that were used for transporting and attacking people.

An army unit targeted, in qualitative operations, terrorists’ gatherings at the surrounding area of Wadi al-Dhef in Maaret al-Nomaan, killing many of them and destroying their criminal tools. Heavy losses were inflicted upon the so called ‘Baba Amr’ and al-Farouq’ battalions, killing many of the terrorists and injuring others, in addition to destroying several cars, some of which were equipped with heavy machineguns.

Terrorists’ Infiltration Attempt from Jordan Thwarted
A unit of the armed forces and border guards inflicted losses on a terrorist group that sought to infiltrate into Syria coming from Jordan near al-Mataeieh village in Daraa countryside, and confiscated Israeli-made weapons.
SANA quoted a source in the province as saying that ”The seized weapons included Israeli-made Lau missiles, along with various weapons, munitions and modern communication devices.”
The source added that units of the armed forces clashed with armed terrorist groups in Basr al-Harir in Daraa countryside, killing and injuring its members.
The source said that the terrorists Ahmad Ali Omar, the leader of a so-called ‘Der’a al-Lajat’ terrorist group, Moussa al-Eliyyan, Yehiya al-Hariri and Khaled al-Hariri were identified among the dead.
Director of Raqaa Awqaf Assassinated
In the framework of targeting the national cadres, an armed terrorist group on Sunday assassinated director of Raqaa Awqaf Abdullah al-Saleh in front of his home in al Dere’yeh neighborhood in the city.
An official source told SANA reporter that terrorists shot al-Saleh in the head as he left his home causing his martyrdom.

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