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Jaafari: Syria Reserves the Right to Claim Compensation for the Damage Left by the Gunmen in Aleppo

Jaafari: Syria reserves the right to claim compensation for the damage left by the gunmen in Aleppo

Syria warned today that it reserves the right to claim material and moral compensation of those who support the armed opposition for the material damage caused by these groups to the  companies in Aleppo and that ‘exceeded all expectations’.

The UN Syrian ambassador Bashar Jaafari said in a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations that the Syrian Federation of Chambers of Industry as the representative of economic activities in Aleppo ‘reserves the right to use all international bodies for compensation material and moral of countries that support the armed opposition to the transfer of such compensation for all employees in the city of Aleppo who have been affected.  He added that ‘because of the terrorist operations carried out by armed groups in Syria, the significant damage caused to the city of Aleppo at all levels including the humanitarian, economic and cultural exceeded all expectations’. He stated that ‘this is especially true with regard to the cultural and heritage aspects of the city, which was the repository of human cultural heritage for more than seven thousand years.’  He referred in this context to all industrial zones and productivity ‘which was subjected to deliberate destruction and looting and systematic terrorism  as well as shops and markets in different parts of the city and on the tourism sector terrorist  destroyed   historical markets and turned the old city and its markets into a battlefield with the brutality has no precedent in the city ‘.

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