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Terrorists Establish ‘Intelligence’ Agency Mukharbarat Undercover Secret Security Force

“The people who lived here were killed by democracy.” Writing on the wall of a house in Haditha, Iraq, after the massacre of twenty four people by US Marines, November 2005.
Having reduced Iraq to a state of terror, shambles, years of near pogrom, and, as the tenth anniversary of possibly modern history’s most illegal invasion, with car bombs and resultant body parts still a near routine nightmare, it seems the democracy bringing US-EU-NATO axis is about to score another own goal in Syria.
Their pet insurgents – in the nation where capital city Damascus is believed the longest continuay inhabited city on earth, is mentioned sixty seven times in the bible and where the language of Jesus, Aramaic, is still spoken in some areas – are torturing, killing, beheading and destroying history itself.
Now, it seems, the Western liberty bringers, plus alleged factory plundering pal Turkey (i) are party to establishing their very own Mukharbarat.
This secret security force in Middle East countries is a name usually spoken in whispers with a furtive glance over the shoulder, by people of fortitude for whom fear is mostly a foreign language.
Now reports state (ii) that the murderous “mutineers” (pictured being paid in US $s) have set up their very own Mukharbarat to: “protect the revolution.” and to gather information to plan attacks on forces of a sovereign government.
Underlining further the chaotic, blind folly (as Iraq, Libya) of their Western backers, the Report states of the Mukharbarat backers: “The organization  appears to operate independently from the main opposition Syrian National Coalition and the Free Syrian Army, effectively answering to itself.”
The Arab world’s secret services are undisputedly a bi-word for ruthlessness (however given Abu Ghraib, Bagram, Guantanamo, rendition flights, secret trials, torture, waterboarding etc., there is no high moral ground.) But the words of “Haj”, one self styled rebel might yet make the Arab world’s worst excesses look mild, as the US and UK did Saddam’s:
“We are watching everybody. We have gathered information about every violation that happened in the revolt”, he said.
“Those we cannot punish now will be punished after toppling Assad. Nothing will be ignored. We have our members among all the working brigades. They are not known to be intelligence and they operate quietly.”
His agents, Haji said, worked undercover as activists, citizen journalists or fighters. “Nothing will be ignored” he warned darkly.- JA
The real logo of the Al Qaeda FSA as Syrians see it

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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