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Syrian Army Mops up Qastal Maaf

A car bomb has been detonated in al-Khazzan square of Esh al-Warwar area, located in Damascus countryside, claiming martyrs and injuries.

Our correspondent said that the Syrian Air force targeted several dens and gatherings for Free Army militia in areas of Damascus countryside, including Daria, Duma and Harasta.

The artillery of Syrian Army also targeted gatherings for the gunmen in al-Muleiha, Zamalka and Erbin, what resulted in the death of many insurgents, the injury of others and the destruction of several vehicles, provided with Dushka machineguns.

Our correspondent stated that the Syrian Arab Army units targeted positions for Free Army militia in al-Houla, Bab Houd, al-Rastan and Talbiseh of Homs, which resulted in deaths of dozens of gunmen and the confiscation of their arms and weapons.

The reporter also said that the Engineering units dismantled several explosive devices in al-Nuzha roundabout.

In Edlib, the correspondent of Breaking News Network said that the Syrian Army attacked positions for Free Army insurgents in Sarmeen, Ma’aret al-Nu’man, Saraqeb and the road of Edlib – Harem.

The attacks caused more than 40 deaths and other injuries of the militants.

The reporter of Breaking News Network pointed out that the Syrian Army forces targeted dens for militants in Mahambal and al-Shegher of Jeser al-Shughour countryside, which resulted in the death of scores of them, including snipers, and the seizure of their weapons.

The Syrian Army announced today mopping-up Qastal Ma’af, al-Qastal mountain and Rabi’a junction from gunmen.

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