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Syria: Breaking News Update November 1, 2012


Aleppo: the Syrian Army enters Bustan al-Basha and kills scores of insurgents

December 1, 2012   9:03 PM

Aleppo: militants have been killed in clashes with the Syrian Army in Bustan al-Qaser and al-Layramoun

December 1, 2012   9:01 PM

Egypt: dozens of demonstrators attempt to break into the security barricade of Mursi’s House in al-Sharkia

December 1, 2012   8:57 PM

Edlib Countryside: gunmen have been killed in targeting their gatherings in Ma’aret Misreen

December 1, 2012   8:01 PM

Damascus: A car bomb blasts behind the Vegetables Souk in Palestine Camp, where martyrs have been recorded

December 1, 2012   7:56 PM

Damascus Countryside: the explosion in Esh al-Warwar caused 3 civilians and 15 wounds

December 1, 2012   7:54 PM

Damascus Countryside: Syrian Army targets gatherings for the militants near Eben al-Haitham school in Jobar

December 1, 2012   7:22 PM

Egypt: a person has died and 29 others were injured during two pro-Mursi and anti-Mursi demonstrations

December 1, 2012   7:16 PM

Lattakia Countryside: The Syrian Army mops-up Qastal Ma’af area, al-Qastal mountain and Rabi’a junction from militants

December 1, 2012   6:37 PM

Our correspondent: the blast of Esh al-Warwar caused martyrs and wounds

December 1, 2012   6:28 PM

Damascus Countryside: a car bomb blasts in al-Khazzan square of Esh al-Warwar area

December 1, 2012   6:15 PM

Tunisia: the government suspends the governor of Salyana area due to the protests against him in the area

December 1, 2012   6:13 PM

Edlib: scores of gunmen have been killed during qualitative operations for the Syrian Army in Mahambal and Ma’aret al-Nu’man

December 1, 2012   5:54 PM

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