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Syrian Army Advances in Aleppo and Besieges the Insurgents in Hama

Syria fighting terrorists

Syrian Arab Army advances in an important neighborhood in the middle of Aleppo city, where it besieges fighters of Free Army in the surroundings of Hama and the humanitarian crisis, which the gunmen have created, aggravates in al-Yarmouk Camp.

Al-Watan Newspaper says in its edition today that “Syrian Arab Army has advanced in al-Qaser Grove neighborhood in the south of the Aleppo city and has taken control over the half space of the area as long as it threatens the commercial center by the sniping operation of the civilian residents and the mortars shells that were fired by the armed men.

The newspaper quotes of sources from al-Yarmouk Camp of Damascus that ” the Camp is suffering of the humanitarian crisis that keeps aggravating due to that lack of the nutritional materials, bread and vegetables”.
The newspaper said about Hama that ” it witnesses normal life and dense traffic movements except the northern countryside, including  its  public squares, the main streets and the public markets”
The newspaper continues: Units of Syrian Army and competent authorities have initiated their military operations on the outsides on Taibet al-Imam city
An official source to the newspaper assures that “Syrian Army has blocked all the axes of the city and all the roads that lead to it, where it besieges the terrorists in a narrow corner to beat them off when the right opportunity comes

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