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syria ministry of health receives 3 ambulances from cyclists for peace organization

Ministry of Health Receives 3 Ambulances from ‘Cyclists for Peace’ Organization
Jan 06, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – The Ministry of Health on Sunday received three ambulances from the Italian non-governmental ‘Cyclists for Peace’ organization.
Minister of Health Sa’ad al-Nayef said that this humanitarian initiative has a great role in breaking the unjust sanctions imposed on the Syrian people.
He added that more than 400 ambulances were damaged by the armed terrorist groups, of which 200 vehicles went out of service.
The Minister stressed that the organization made its initiative after it knew the reality of the events in Syria, highlighting that the Ministry will continue fixing and maintaining the damaged vehicles as to bring them back to service.
He thanked to Fadia al-Lahham, Head of Mar Yacoub Monastery for its efforts and cooperation with the Arab-Italian Friendship Center and conveying the Italian people about the reality of the events in Syria.
For his part, Representative of the Monastery Zaki Srour said that Fadia al-Lahham devoted herself for communication with the world’s peoples via tours carried out in Europe and Australia to inform them about the reality of the events and to refute the allegations of the misleading media outlets.
He added that the Monastery will receive food aid to distribute to the needed, asking the Ministry to make a manifest on all the health-related services with the aim of providing them through European sides which expressed full readiness to cooperate in this regards.

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