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Syria: Russia believes Dialogue can resolve the Crisis

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The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said in a new statement about the topic Syria and the continued violent conflict in this country of the Middle East that foreign countries should immediately stop their involvement in the situation in Syria.

Mikhail Bogdanov said exactly, if foreign countries stop their meddling in the Syrian conflict, the crisis in Syria can be finally resolved by negotiations and through dialogue. Of course, this statement by the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister is partly correct and also confirms that all the governments, including Moscow, don`t tell all the details about the Syrian conflict and still cover some facts for political reasons – as usual.

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister also hailed the effective role of Iran for the stability and security in this region of the world and also praised the regional developments by the Islamic Republic during a meeting with his Iranian counterpart on Wednesday. The meeting between the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Bogdanov and the Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir-Abdollahian took place in the Iranian capital Tehran.

In addition, Bogdanov stated again that the stances of Russia towards the Syrian issue and conflict have not changed so far and, thus, Moscow reaffirmed its position and logical stance towards the situation in and around Syria.

Of course, just the usual statements by Moscow like the highlighting of the initiative by the Egyptian Pharaoh (President) Mohammad Morsi about the forming of another contact group on Syria with representatives from Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran in August 2012. Some Syrians might wonder how somebody like Morsi can be highlighted for such an initiative while it wasn’t really helpful.

In addition, the totalitarian dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Qatar have no interest in a peaceful settlement in Syria and the Turkish Erdogan regime is also not interested in such a peaceful ending of the Syrian conflict in which they are heavily involved by supporting armed thugs and Islamists, hosting training camps, allowing European and US intelligence to act “without borders” on their territory and all the other acts of state terrorism, carried out by the human rights abusers of the Erdogan regime – while the majority of the Turkish people do not accept such acts against Syria but it seems they are finally not keen enough to really change the situation.

At this meeting in Tehran, the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian stated that Moscow plays an important role in solving the Syrian conflict and he praised the effective efforts by Moscow to solve the crisis in Syria by political means. In addition, the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister also confirmed that the Islamic Republic will cooperate with Moscow in this topic.

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