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Moscow: Support for armed Syrian opposition means rise of Terrorism

Heavy Treads on the Wheels of Construction Machinery

The permanent envoy of Russia to the United Nations (UN), Vitaly Churkin, said in his speech during the so-called UNSC debates about the situations in the Middle East, that any help for the armed Syrian opposition in order to overthrow the Syrian regime will just result in the rise of terrorism in the neighboring countries of Syria.

While the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said that if foreign countries stop their meddling in the Syrian conflict, the crisis in Syria could be solved by a dialogue, Russia`s permanent envoy to the United Nations (UN) made it clear in his speech during the UNSC debates on the Middle East that the support of the armed terrorist gangs and jihadists of the so-called and staged Syrian opposition will result in the increase of terrorism in the neighboring countries of Syria and thus, this “support” for the armed thugs and religious fanatics means a higher risk for some countries in the future.

Vitaly Churkin also stressed that the weapons for the armed opposition forces in Syria can also be accessed by all the extremists on Syrian territory and this is already a fact since a long time. The permanent envoy of Russia to the UN believes that the prior task is to persuade all sides that they finally get involved in real talks in order to stop the bloodshed and conflict in Syria. So the stance and aim of Moscow is again clear, although some doubt whether negotiations will really solve this conflict because of some important reasons.

US-backed al Nusra Front

If the external (staged) Syrian opposition agrees to stop the terrorism, bomb attacks and fights against the Syrian government in Damascus and the Syrian people, nobody believes that such radical fronts like the al-Nusra Front will agree on this and also stop their violent acts and terrorism. Not to mention that it is questionable whether any side has really the full control about all the armed terrorist groups, thugs and jihadists in Syria. Some just believe that the only way to solve the conflict / crisis and to end the violence is the totally cleaning of Syria from all the armed terrorist and Islamist groups.

Not to mention that even if all sides would lay down their arms and start talks – this would not result in the peaceful and secular Syria as it was known before the foreign-backed proxy war and the willfully boost of the sectarian conflict in this country.

In addition, the Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoabi dismissed new reports that the Syrian President would be ready to resign. Omran al-Zoabi said at a press conference on Wednesday, that this rumor is just another distortion of the facts. Of course, if one recalls all the rumors about the Syrian President in the last two years, it is just funny that the majority of Western people still believe the reports and propaganda by their media and governments. President Bashar al-Assad moved into a bunker, Assad bought many houses in Russia, Assad goes onto a Russian ship, Bashar al-Assad is injured, Assad is dead, bla bla bla bla.

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