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Syria – Al-Qabun: Before the Attack (Video)

Syrian tank

ANNA News has documented the operations of the Syrian Arab Army in Al-Qabun for a while (Background: “Syria army recaptures Damascus neighbourhood“).

Yesterday, a brief report was published by ANNA News, which – except for the last seconds – is completely undramatic, but contains some interesting things, especially when one compares it with the known Allahu akhbar-clips of the rebel gangs.

No, the weapons wagging here, too. But… the faces, the morality, the kindness of the men here.

Or the repeatedly sighted improvised RPG-protections on the tower of the T-72 tanks since about a half year. Or the both guys with their pink Hello Kitty backpacks (whom you could already see in operations in this outfit).

Or when a BMP (Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty / infantry fighting vehicle) almost rams a passing car (7:40). And what a joy must it be to let a tank`s engine revving at idle briefly, and to make a 180 degree turn on asphalt.

Here, everyone who has experienced it once, is able to confirm that it is even under completely peaceful circumstance nothing else than painful to ride with a BMP.

Source: apxwn

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