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Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood calls for further Pro-Morsi-Protests

Egyptian Military

The Muslim Brotherhood branch in Egypt has called for further mass protests in support of the military overthrown President and member of the Muslim Brothers, Mohamed Morsi. The remaining heads of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt demanded Pro-Morsi protests in the entire North African country, while an Iranian Member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, Hojjatollah Soori, said in a recent statement that the Egyptian army should not interfere in the political affairs of the country.

The Iranian lawmaker, Hojjatollah Soori, said in recent comments about the events and protests in Egypt that the restoration of the democracy in Egypt is very important and that the Egyptian military should stop their meddling in the political affairs of Egypt. The only problem here is the situation that a democracy that was never real cannot be restored. Although it is true that the violence in Egypt only serves very suspicious interests of several powers and not the Egyptian people.

Hojjatollah Soori, Member of Iran`s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, further stated yesterday that the situation in the North African country has become very complicated and that Iran hopes that Egypt will be back on the track of democracy and this at the least possible cost. In addition, the toppling of the president and head of a country by the army is, so Mr. Soori, an illegal move and the Egyptian army should stay away from the internal affairs of the North African country.

The Iranian lawmaker also warned in his statements from yesterday, saying that the continuation of the mass protests by the Muslim Brotherhood branch in Egypt can lead to the increase of the internal clashes in the country.

Of course, it is a known strategy by the Muslim Brotherhood and they performed similar games already in the first “Arab Spring” in Egypt, which was carried out by foreign powers. The Iranian lawmaker is also convinced that there is a huge possibility that the (partly dangerous) Muslim Brotherhood will continue with its protests and calls for protests to use this strategy in order to return to power in Egypt.

Egyptian Military
Egyptian Military

Also the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has meanwhile demanded the release of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi by the Egyptian army. The German Foreign Minister Westerwelle said in an official statement from yesterday, that any form of political repression will damage the future of Egypt and that Germany demands an end to the restrictions that are placed upon “Mr. Morsi`s” freedom of movement. As usual, the statement by this German Foreign Minister are quite funny considering the actions taken by the German government since the first “Arab Spring” in Egypt.

While Salafists are the bad boys in German media and the government of Germany tries to maintain this image, they meanwhile support jihadists, Wahhabis and also Salafists (Salafis) in foreign countries. They should really not be surprised that many Salafis and Muslim Brothers think that Germany is the best and nicest place to prepare acts of terrorism.

In terms of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi in Egypt, the US State Department released the same statements as the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle yesterday. What a surprise. Germany has again just done what the US brain wanted them to do.

The US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki that the US administration wants an end to the restrictions on “Mr. Morsi`s” freedom of movement.

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