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syria lebanese mp oqab sakr further proof of financing al qaeda

Syrian State TV played a further recording of a conversation that took place between Lebanese MP Oqab Sakr, who works for former Lebanese PM & current MP Saad Hariri the son of slain former Lebanese PM Rafic Hariri, the conversation recorded and played by the Syrian State TV yesterday prove with no doubt the connection between Al Qaeda FSA terrorists inside Syria and the Lebanese politician.
Lebanese MP Oqab Sakr
The following video shows one full conversation between the culprit and the terrorists inside Syria, naming names and locations, distributing roles and equipment this mafia provides Al Qaeda terrorists and not their false claims they were providing milk & blankets to Syrian civilians, English subtitles included (turn cc on, open in YouTube if required): 
Mr. Rafic Lutf, a Syrian activist promised the criminal mafia Hariri-Sakr with further recordings.
A Lebanese journalist once asked Sakr: ‘Lebanese people wonder why you left a billion problem in need of your attention inside Lebanon and placed yourself on the Syrian-Turkish borders involving yourself and dragging official Lebanon into a conflict we can’t afford its consequences?’ We add: ‘You are already involved and price of your involvement in killing Syrians will be paid’.

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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