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Syria: Kurdish SDF Armed Insurrectionists and Landmine Deaths

Locals demonstrated against SDF and torched a military vehicle in Syria.

Syria continues to fight armed insurrectionist terrorists in the homeland, and another two human beings get blown up from a landmine, as NATO-affiliated media continue to support Nazis of the Ukraine and NATO politicians meet at headquarters in Brussels.

US-created SDF terrorists who found themselves without Biden regime military occupation protection, found themselves confronted by a group of locals (i.e., indigenous people of Syria) on 26 March.

Prior to criminal US invasion & occupation of parts of Syria, US demanded name change.
Prior to the criminal US invasion & occupation of parts of Syria, the US demanded a name change.

What started as two demonstrations in Deir Ezzor governate, demanding that the criminal US proxy terrorists leave, and condemning the SDF’s recent burning of several homes as part of NATO’s ethnic cleansing of the Levantine Republic, ended with one of the US-taxpayer purchased military vehicles being torched beyond use. Americans facing unprecedented food and housing insecurity will be thrilled to know, again, how their taxes are being spent.

Region of Deir Ezzor, Syria, currently under SDF occupation.
Region of Deir Ezzor, Syria, currently under SDF occupation.

Also on Saturday, another two Syrians were murdered in yet another landmine explosion in Buqrus, eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor governate. Two children were murdered in a similar explosion — in Deir Ezzor City — one month ago.

Landmines continue to be a regularly lethal problem in Syria, as the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) has done nothing to clear the explosives since Agnes Marcaillou arrived avec entourage in Damascus for a photo opportunity in signing a useless MoU. Marcaillou no longer even bothers to report death and dismemberment statistics at the UNSC.

This author will continue to call upon Syria to figure out how to import Giant African Pouched Rats to sniff out explosives left behind by retreating terrorists, all of which fell into Syria, like manna from the heavens.

The Giant African Pouched Rat would be more useful than NATO's UNMAS, & obviously more noble
The Giant African Pouched Rat would be more useful than NATO’s UNMAS, & obviously more noble.

Kurdish separatist SDF terrorists will continue to be a war criminal problem until one or more of the following situations occur: Brandon regime illegals leave Syria (and arrogant US garbage politicians do not treat the Republic as though it were their backyards), which will collapse the cowardly SDF scum; SDF and NATO Turkey illegals kill each other off; the NATO klansmen of the UN revoke their support of these savages — and in complete breach of the noble Charter.

As the rabid NATO dogs of war heads of state return home from Brussels, to wet dream about their recent geopolitical orgy in Brussels, SDF terrorists are burning down homes, and landmines are killing people, in Syria.

Miri Wood

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