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Syria: European Union Divided about Sending Weapons to Terrorists

Terrorists in Sheik Maqsoud

The opinion and stance of the European Union whether to ease the embargo against Syria in order to finally arm the militants and jihadists who are fighting in within the Arab nation against the secular government of President Bashar al-Assad remains divided while it is clear that any lift of the arms embargo and the arming of the foreign-backed terrorists is a direct violation of international law.

Thus, the member states of the European Union (EU), which demand to ease the embargo against Syria in order to give these religious fanatics, terrorists and armed thugs even more weapons, do finally not care about international law and the consequences of giving weapons to radical strangers, fighters and Islamists.

The Foreign Ministers of the European Union (EU) have met in Brussels yesterday. The topic was again Syria and the debate about the ease of the embargo against this country in the Middle East in order to arm the terrorist. The EU Foreign Ministers have to decide whether it is a good idea to arm jihadists or not. At least, the opinions of the Foreign Ministers in the European Union are still divided on this topic.

While France and Britain want to arm the jihadists and terrorists in Syria, other Foreign Ministers of the European Union (EU) are against this step and they have good reasons why they oppose such a lift of the embargo.

In addition, the French and British government still want to maintain the sanctions against the Syrian government in Damascus, they just want an exception for the delivery of weapons to the foreign-backed terrorists in the Arab nation. Some other governments in the European Union are still against the “idea” to send more and more weapons into a conflict which already lasts for over two years.

Not to mention that France and Britain do know whom they want to arm, but they just do not care as long as they reach their aims and receive some benefits after the fall of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government in Damascus. At least, there are still some European governments that are not really interested to give al-Qaeda thugs, other Islamists and radical fighters more and more arms.

The German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said yesterday, that it was not really clear if the Foreign Ministers of the European Union could reach a deal on Monday as the positions of the ministers are very divided on this topic. Westerwelle said exactly that the “positions are far apart”.

Terrorists in Sheik Maqsoud
Terrorists in Sheik Maqsoud

The current arms embargo against Damascus would end this Friday and if the European governments fail to reach an agreement, then any country of the European Union (EU) would be able to independently decide whether they send weapons to the jihadists and terrorists fighting in Syria against the secular government and nation.

Austria’s Foreign Minister Spindelegger said that the “European Union has just received the Nobel Peace Prize” and now wants to go in the direction of “intentionally getting involved in a conflict with weapon deliveries, I think that is wrong” and Mr. Spindelegger should be correct.

More weapons, more bloodshed and violence. A simple calculation.

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