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EU Lifts Arms Embargo on Terrorists and Jihadists in Syria

Al-Nusra Front Terrorists

The European Union (EU) has finally scraped the weapons embargo on the terrorists in Syria, which are called opposition forces, while the EU meanwhile extends the hypocritical sanctions against the Syrian government in Damascus and against the Syrian people after June 1, according to the duplicitous statement of the British Foreign Secretary William Hague.

The biased British Foreign Secretary William Hague gave an interview after the meeting of the 27 Foreign Ministers of the European Union (EU) in Brussels. The meeting failed to block the violation of international law by Britain and France and thus, the British and French push towards the supply of weapons and ammunition to the terrorists and jihadists in Syria was somehow successful.

Of course, the hypocritical statement by British Foreign Secretary William Hague after the meeting of all the Foreign Ministers of the member states of the European Union (EU) was a bad joke.

William Hague said, according to reports, after the meeting of the EU Foreign Ministers in Brussels, that “it was important for Europe to send a clear signal to the Assad regime that it has to negotiate seriously, and that all options remain on the table if it refuses to do so”. While the British Foreign Minister Hague also stated that the British administrations would have “no immediate plans to send weapons to Syria” and William Hague even explained it.

The British Foreign Secretary William Hague said as explanation about his statement that the decision would give Britain the “flexibility to respond in the future” if the situation in Syria “would continue to deteriorate”, which could mean, if the Syrian Arab army further succeeds in removing all the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists from Syrian soil and counter the intended regime-change plans by some foreign governments and the known Gulf States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Catherine Ashton, the Foreign Policy Chief of the European Union (EU), has already confirmed that every member state of the European Union has now the right to make its own decision about weapons exports to the terrorists and Islamists in Syria.

Al-Nusra Front Terrorists
Al-Nusra Front Terrorists

While the Foreign Policy Chief of the European Union Catherine Ashton says that “any arms sent to Syria would be intended for the protection of civilians”, she knows herself very well that this is not the fact and just a horrible lie in order to maintain the propaganda and to sell the new development about arms exports to jihadists and terrorists in Syria.

The hypocritical Catherine Ashton finally added in her statement that the member states of the European Union would review the position of the EU on the sanctions against Syria before August 1.

In addition, it was also stated that the European Union still supports the Russian-US initiative to conduct another “international conference” on the topic Syria in Geneva in order to reach a peaceful solution of the conflict in Syria. So, while allowing to send weapons to terrorists, they meanwhile support a peaceful political solution. This logic is brilliant, isn’t it?

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  1. soekarnoismLEFT

    what a joke…..the EU (mostly france and brits) already sent containers of weapon since the very beginning of syrian conflict……so this's no suprise at all :P they're smuggling tanks,VSHORAD,rifles and ammunition from libya via mediterenian SEA and docked at aleppo harbor

  2. John Stack

    Please understand the EU. The embargo was due to expire early August. 25 out of 27 countries voted to continue it. Foreign policy decisions require a 100% vote . The Brits and Frogs voted against thereby using their veto to stop it. They were the only EU countries voting to arm the terrorists in Syria. This backfired by leaving the Russions no option but to stand by Syria. Their courage is admired by very many today


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