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Syria: Education of 2.5mn Syrian Children is Imperilled

Syria: Child soldiers in the ranks of the jihadists.

The education of about 2.5 Million Syrian children is imperilled by the continued battles and the war against the foreign-backed terrorists and Al Qaeda-linked militants in Syria. According of the Save the Children aid agency, about 22 percent of the schools in Syria have been already destroyed or are already badly damaged since the beginning of the terrorism and proxy war in Syria.

Of course, the Save the Children aid agency does not mention terrorism and Al Qaeda-linked gunmen and religious fanatics as the source of evil in Syria but it is, at least, true that the ongoing battles and war against these foreign-backed terrorists is jeopardizing the education of about 2.5 million Syrian children. Not to mention that these groups of militants and jihadists have already killed many Syrian teachers and even children by carrying out horrible bombardments, targeted assassinations, car bombs and other acts of terrorism in the Arab nation.

The UK-based Save the Children aid agency published the new report on the situation of children in Syria today. The report says, for example, that over the last year, the conflict in Syria contributed to a dramatic rise in the amount of violent incidents affecting children’s education worldwide. In addition, over 70 percent of the stated 3,600 of these incidents in last year (2012) took place in Syria.

The report by the UK-based Save the Children aid agency also includes that school buildings in Syria were bombed and that Syrian teachers came under violent attacks. As stated, the foreign-backed terrorists even killed many teachers in Syria in the last two years.

The Takfiri terrorists and religious fanatics, supported by foreign powers, have an innate dislike towards education and knowledge. Of course, the report by the Save the Children aid agency located in Britain also says that Syrian children were recruited by armed groups. This child soldiers among the Takfiri terrorists and groups of violent religious fanatics in Syria were confirmed many times by many pictures but still, many Western governments support these terrorists and Al Qaeda-linked militants.

Syria: Child soldiers in the ranks of the jihadists.
Syria: Child soldiers in the ranks of the jihadists. (Source: vocativ)

According to this new report by the children aid agency from Britain, about 3,900 schools across Syria are unusable or badly damaged by January 2013. The report further states that this number has increased since January 2013 and 22 percent of the 22,000 schools in Syria are said to be unusable now.

Thus, the foreign-backed terrorism and the support by Saudi Arabia and Qatar for the militants and Al Qaeda thugs in Syria have already jeopardized the education of 2.5 million school-age children and young people in the Arab nation.

Jasmine Whitbread, the Chief Executive of the Save the Children aid agency in the United Kingdom, added this statement to the report of the aid agency:

“The classroom should be a place of safety and security, not battlegrounds where children suffer the most appalling crimes. Children who are targeted in this way will be paying the price for the rest of their lives.”

Of course, one can just agree to these words. Dear Jasmine Whitbread, please demand the end of support for the militant groups and jihadists in Syria by your British government.

The delivery of weapons in the hands of terrorists, militants, religious fanatics and strangers in Syria is no solution for the crisis and conflict in the secular Arab nation and does not help the suffering Syrian children.

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