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Syria: Breaking News Update January 16, 2013

Edlib: Syrian Army foils the attempt to blast of two booby-trapped cars near of Syrian Army’s check point

January 16, 2013   1:16 PM

Our reporter: the toll of the blast that has hit Edlib is 22 martyrs and 30 injuries

January 16, 2013   12:10 PM

Edlib: another booby trapped car blast occur near Taha Ghreb school claiming many victims

January 16, 2013   11:22 AM

Our reporter to Edlib: the blast, that was heard, is because of booby trapped car in al-Mutlak square and many martyrs were recorded

January 16, 2013   11:21 AM

Edlib: a huge blast sound has been heard in the southern area of the city on Ariha subway

January 16, 2013   10:30 AM

Assad President issues a decree to make a competent public prosecution for the crimes of the public funds

January 16, 2013   9:57 AM

Homs: Syrian Army confronts gunmen’s attempt to infiltrate Syria from Lebanon through Joseh passageway in Qusair

January 16, 2013   9:47 AM

Iraq: 17 deaths and dozens of injuries are the toll of suicidal operations in many areas

January 16, 2013   9:16 AM

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