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syria annan regional countries hinder efforts to reach serious solution to crisis in syria

Jan 16, 2013

GENEVA, (SANA) – Former UN Secretary General who resigned his position as UN envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, said that many regional countries let him down in terms of implementing his six-point plan and offered only verbal support at a time when weapons and gunmen were flowing into Syria.
In a statement during the signing of his new book ” Interventions: A Life in War and Peace “, Annan said that the six-point plan could have been a serious beginning to solve the crisis in Syria, but many countries in the region were not serious as they offered only verbal support while they were sending arms to Syria on the other hand.
Annan added that these countries bet on the opposition and the military resolution within a specific period of time as they did not seriously adopt the solution plan, so they extended battles and betrayed the Syrian people.
Former UN Secretary General and the resigned UN envoy to Syria said that weapons and armed militias flow into Syria and nobody knows their direction, rejecting allegations that mediation gives the leadership in Syria more time and expand the range of the war.
He wondered why some parties do not want to reach a solution or establish a basis for dialogue to solve the crisis in Syria, saying that this is the only war in which he saw people pray for it not to end.
He noted that the sides which hindered his mission are now doing the same with his successor, Lakhdar Brahimi, considering that Brahimi did not receive support and the help required to make the mediation a success.
Annan criticized countries which did not believe in mediation and lack courage to offer an alternative, stressing that he shares Brahimi’s opinion against a military solution to crisis in Syria.
He added that there might be Syrians who are not on the side of the leadership in Syria, yet they have fears about the future and what the opposition might bring.
R. Raslan/ H. Sabbagh

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