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Syria: Army Eliminates Large Number of Terrorists in Idlib


Idlib and Aleppo: Syrian Army kills scores of armed terrorists.

According to the reports about the military operations by the units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo (Halab) of the Arab nation, it is stated that an increasing number of armed terrorists were killed during the ongoing military operations by the Syrian army units against concentration points of the terrorist groups in different regions of Syria – especially in the Syrian provinces of Idlib and Aleppo, beside the operations by the army units in northern Lattakia (Latakia) and in the countryside of the Syrian city of Homs.

A large number of armed terrorists were eliminated in a targeted military operation by units of the Syrian army on the road between the city of Aleppo and al-Mislmiyeh (al-Mislmiyeh-Aleppo road).

The group of foreign-backed terrorists had been committing acts of looting and blocking of roads on this road to the city of Aleppo. However, the group of terrorists is history now. The Syrian army units eliminated the members of this group of terrorists near the al-Mislmiyeh-Aleppo road today. Afterwards, the Syrian soldiers seized the weapons and ammunition of the killed terrorists. The arms of the terrorists were then destroyed by the Syrian army.

SANA, the state news agency of Syria, cited an official source of the Syrian military as saying that a lot of dens of the foreign-backed terrorists were destroyed in the North of the Syrian town of Mayer as well as in the villages of Qadi Askar and Byanoun; both Syrian villages are in the countryside of Aleppo.

According to the statements by the military source, the clashes between the Syrian units and the terrorist groups in the town of Mayer and the two villages in the countryside of Aleppo (Halab) have led to many killed and injured terrorists. The source of the Syrian news agency SANA also mentioned that several Syrian army units were able to destroy various kinds of weapons and military equipment of the foreign-supported terrorists near the villages of Minnegh and al-Kastello after intense clashes against these terrorist groups. The units of the Syrian army have inflicted heavy losses on these terrorist groups in the Syrian villages of al-Kastello and Minnegh.

Syrian Arab Army
Syrian Arab Army

Meanwhile, the already mentioned military offensive by the Syrian Arab army (SAA) in the province of Idlib is still ongoing. However, already several armed terrorists were killed in today’s battles of the Syrian army units against the terrorist groups in Syria’s province of Idlib. According to another source of the Syrian army, a number of armed terrorists were killed in a series of special military operations by the Syrian army units in the towns and villages of al-Arbaeen Mount, Eblin, al-Sermaniyeh, al-Aliyeh and Bzabour in the countryside of Idlib (Idleb).

The army source added that a unit of the Syrian forces were able to foil several attempts by terrorists to detonate some explosive devices on the Ariha-al-Mastoumeh road. The terrorists had planted the explosive devices earlier on the Ariha-al-Mastoumeh road. However, the unit of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) was able to foil the attempts of the terrirsts to detonate these explosive devices. According to the source of the Syrian army, the explosive devices on the Ariha-al-Mastoumeh road in the countryside of Idlib (Idleb) weighed about 50-60 kg.

Finally, further armed terrorists were eliminated and wounded by the Syrian forces in the areas of the villages and towns of al-Baraghithi, al-Deir al-Gharbi, Kfarrouma, Maaret al-Numan, Tall Sultan, Abo al-Duhour and Maartamsarin. It seems the military offensive by several units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) in the province of Idlib (Idleb) is in full spate and some might say, it was about time.

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  1. AH

    While there are encouraging and appreciated news that the SAA made gains in various areas across northern Syria, there are some really disturbing news of Kurdish villages overrun by the “Ottoman-Salafi” coalition of thugs, opportunists and jihadists. See
    It looks very much to me as if they want to secure a border corridor beyond the natural barriers of hills that divide Syria from Turkey in order to establish a zone similar to what the Israelis did in South Lebanon, or what the Serbs and Croats did in parts of Bosnia.
    This is ethnic cleansing complemented by the induction of Turkey-Arab loyal forces. It may also be an early sign of an attempt to cut up Syria, as the “Ottoman-Salafi” coalition realizes that the fight for Syrian governmentship will not succeed. Therefore, new strategy: Get hold of as much territory as possible, clean it, try to connect areas along the Turkish border and down the Euphrates and over to Jordan/Israel along the borders there. Maybe even try to get hold of territories in Iraq by inciting new conflict there.
    Yes, the Balkanization may have just started.
    I just wonder what they plan to do with the Armenians, Druze and other remaining minorities in their strongholds? Wipe them out? Or just drive them out?
    Turkey has also just started a new potenially devastating (for them) conflict against Kurds. They seem to underestimate the leverage across the Kurdish regions in all nations which host Kurds, and even Europe. As a matter of fact, the Turkish population in Germany includes a significant percentage of Kurds, in Austria the Kurds are even the majority (over Turks) I was once told.
    It all sounds a bit far off I must admit, but the Bosnian war portrayed very similar patterns of ethnic division and cleansing. The gunpowder barrel ME is just about to explode. Who’s next?
    As for Syria –


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