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Aleppo Residents Pass Secret Notes to Reporters as FSA Grows Increasingly Isolated

As the conflict has worsened and Terrorist activities of the opposition have become unmistakable to Syrians, popular support has shifted definitively in favor of the Syrian Government.
This is now clear in Aleppo, which has long been considered an opposition “stronghold.” by the so-called FSA’s own admission, 70 percent of city residents support the Assad government.  Abu Ahmed, who commands the Tawheed Brigade in the city, attributed the support to the widespread looting and other criminal acts committed by opposition fighters.
Indeed, it seems that Aleppo residents live in a perpetual state of terror, as evidenced by a note passed secretly by a couple to a foreign reporter, which read, “We used to live in peace and security until this malicious fake “Revolution” reached us and the Free Syrian Army started taking bread by force.”
Image of Commander of “FSA” running Mafia-Style Rackets, please see story @´spref=fb
While the looting, abuses of power and other reactionary actions are unsurprisingly attributed only to a few supposed “bad apples” and unruly military units, official actions taken by the Militants in the City contradict that claim, as one example, in December 2012 the “Revolutionary Military Council” in Aleppo released a statement in which they prohibited women from driving.
The “FSA” is also becoming isolated in the countryside, where many of the Terrorist Brigades originated, with reports that they have established a Religious Police Force in the Town of Al-Bab that is enforcing strict religious codes and forcing people to pray.
Statement Issued by “FSA” banning Women from driving in Aleppo
Residents from many neighbourhoods have taken to the streets in Demonstrations against the “fsa” Militants, even confronting them in Armed clashes in an effort to assist the Syrian Army purge them from their City.
Image from Demonstrations by Aleppo residents against FSA
Throughout the Country, the so-called FSA have committed war crimes such as the kidnapping, torture and execution of pro-government civilians that have been documented by Human Rights Watch and other organizations, with their latest execution-style massacre of 80 innocent Civilians who’s murdered bodies were dumped into a River of Aleppo, adding to their ever increasing list of atrocities…JA
Image of Executed residentsby FSA in Aleppo earlier this week

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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