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Syria, Aleppo: Al-Qaeda Jihadists kidnapped more Syrian Kurds

Tal Abyad, Ar Raqqa, Syria

Syria: Al Nusra Front kidnaps further Syrian Kurds near Aleppo.

According to reports from the Syrian province of Aleppo (Halab), foreign-supported terrorists have at least kidnapped 13 more Kurdish civilians and have then handed their hostages over to a jihadist group with links to al-Qaeda in this Syrian province near the former important economic centre of Syria, the city of Aleppo.

It is so far not known whether the armed terrorists have kidnapped “only” 13 Syrian Kurds in the province of Aleppo (Halab) or if they were able to kidnap some more Kurds in the region. In addition, that the foreign-backed terrorists have handed over their hostages to an Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group in the region raises some fears about the safety of the Kurdish hostages, especially after the recent violence and gruesome massacre against Syrian Kurds in northern Syria.

Although the report by al-Alam about the horrible massacre against about 450 Kurdish civilians by al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamists has not been officially confirmed, the latest statements, given by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a press event some days ago in Moscow let assume that the gruesome massacre against so many Syrian Kurds, including about 120 children and many more Kurdish women, could have really happened (sadly).

At least, the Syrian al-Qaeda offshoots such as the al-Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra) or the other in the north of Syria active jihadist forces are capable of such horrible crimes against civilians. They have confirmed their huge level of readiness for gruesome violence against Syrians and Syrian Kurds already many times before.

It is said that a so-called monitoring group, with close links the the foreign-backed terrorists, have given the information that a terrorist group has captured at least 13 Syrian Kurds at a roadblock in the region of Sfeira in the province of the Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab) on Sunday.

This monitoring group with its alleged close links to such terrorist groups on Syrian soil, what is to put into question in terms whether this monitoring group is really then innocent about the crimes of these terrorist groups between the borders of the Arab nation, also stated that the terrorists who have captured the at least 13 Kurdis near the Sfeira region of Syria’s Aleppo have handed their hostages then over to a jihadist group of the so-called al-Nusra Front (Jabaht al-Nusra) in northern Syria.

Since the end of last months and the beginning of the current month, the Syrian al-Qaeda offshoots such as the so-called “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” and the “al-Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra” as well as the other al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups have at least kidnapped 250 – 300 Syrian Kurds in northern Syria. Further, these jihadist forces of the al-Nusra Front and “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” were certainly behind the massacre against the at least 450 Kurdish civilians, including 330 Kurdish women and about 120 children, in the district of Tal Abyad, located in the province of Raqqa in Syria.

As stated, the report(s) about this gruesome massacre against Syrian Kurds were not really confirmed but the recent statements by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as well as by the Kurdish Lawmakers in Iran let assume that this gruesome massacre against innocent Syria Kurds, including the huge number of women and children, has really taken place.

Yesterday, the Kurdish lawmakers in the Islamic Republic of Iran have condemned the massacre against the Kurdish families in Tal Abyad (Province of Raqq in Syria) and called for intense international action against the crime.

This gruesome massacre against so many Syria Kurds and all the women and children came a week after armed jihadists of the so-called Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Nusra Front) have attacked two Kurdish villages near the Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab) and 200 – 300 Kurdish civilians hostage.

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