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Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Burn a Shiite mosque in idleb countryside

Paid by US tax payers dollars, Al Qaeda FSA fanatic Islamists (not Muslims) do not stop at any limit, burning a Masjid (mosque) for worshiping God used mainly by Shiites in border village Zarzour near Jisr Al Shoghour city, Idleb countryside, trying their best to incite strife among the Syrian citizens, the thing they couldn’t incite so far with their targeted, systematic assassinations, explosions and massacres. Now this might explain why Wahhabi clerics didn’t denounce the burning of Quran by the American priest, as they do the same thing like how they burnt what’s inside the mosque along with it.
A video released by the terrorist group showing their ‘achievement’ in attacking, desecrating, burning the mosque and celebrating was published to the net, we added English subtitles to it, turn cc on:
If you think that prophet Muhammad ordered them of such barbarian savage acts you need to think again especially that the world’s first church is in Syria till they desecrated it November 2012, or just read what the prophet ordered the troops he sent to spread the religion in places the preachers were not allowed to preach and they were killed, what he ordered them to do:’
Obama Ben Laden followers: Al Qaeda FSA terrorists in Syria
‘Those fighting in Syria have nothing to do with Islam, that’s why we call them Islamists and they’re happy about that, the prophet prophesied the coming of such people describing them in detail: will loose their beards, shave their mustaches, wear short dresses, kill Muslims and leave their enemies.. he called them the Khawarij or Outlaws, then he asked Muslims to fight them when they encounter them’ a Syrian activist added, who refused to give his name out of fear of being labelled a Shabeeh then thrown off a high building roof top or get beheaded by a child with a sword while his hands tied to his back, as he said.
Obama Ben Laden, the godfather of the Arab Spring

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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