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Al Qaeda FSA Target a School in Qatana, Damascus Countryside

16 citizens killed, tens others injured, mostly civilians and school children, in the deadly blast that targeted a minibus taxi in Qatana city in Damascus countryside yesterday December 13, 2012.
Qatana terrorist attack by Al Qaeda FSA, Damascus countryside, Syria
The explosion took place when Al Qaeda FSA terrorists detonated a booby trapped car packed with explosions next to Michael Samaan school in Ras Al Nab’a neighborhood in the city, 7 bodies of children & women among the 16 bodies that arrived at Martyr Khaled Saqqa Amini Hospital were the initial toll of the blast, 25 injured many with severe injuries, huge devastation in the location affected cars, shops, residential buildings and infrastructure.
Car exploded in a terrorist attack by Al Qaeda FSA in Syria
Damages due to the terrorist attack in Damascus countryside by Al Qaeda FSA
The US which recently recognized ‘politically’ and not ‘legally’ the un-elected Coalition of Opposition members made in Doha as the sole representatives of the Syrian, usually resorts to such tactics when its military invasion and its media war fails, the same we saw in Iraq, seeing continuously in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen and in each case the ‘Islamist’ CIA creation Al Qaeda terrorist groups are blamed, and in their turn brag about such heinous attacks.
Sponsors of Terror worldwide
In Syria these terrorists initially were given the name FSA or Free Syrian Army after the label ‘Freedom Fighters’ gained the worst reputation in Libya.
Footage of the explosion scene with English subtitles, turn cc on: 



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