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Syria: al-Qaeda FSA Releases a Video Adopting and Describing the Jabiri Square Explosions in Aleppo

Jabhat Al Nusra, or Al Qaeda Levant aka FSA or Free Syrian Army has released a video clip adopting the multiple terrorist attacks that shook Saad Allah Jabiri square in Aleppo city on October 3rd, 2012. The explosions and the clashes during what Al Qaeda FSA called a ‘Blessed Foray’ left more than 40 killed and about 125 injured mostly civilians, though the terrorists try to claim they targeted an army stronghold. 
The video clip shows a group of terrorists sitting and discussing a plan to attack the locations by a series of car explosions, suicide explosions and terrorists on the ground with grenades and machine guns. 
Following is the clip with English subtitles and annotations, turn cc, subtitles might not work on mobile devices:
Targeting civilians claiming they’re legitimate military targets or Shabeeha (public civilian workers who didn’t join the fake revolution) is a repeated tactic by the terrorists to cover their crimes against humanity and in an attempt not to embarrass their financiers in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the US tax payers, and to gain political cover from NATO member states as well as to turn the countries they infest into fanatic Islamist (not Islamic) emirates.
Saad Allah Jabiri square in Aleppo after terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda FSA
Saad Allah Jabiri square in Aleppo after terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda FSA
Saad Allah Jabiri square in Aleppo before getting infested by Al Qaeda FSA terror

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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