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syria al qaeda fsa islamists target 2 more towns in hama

In a systematic method to destroy one Syrian town after another, especially those where residents are from different sects, Al Qaeda FSA Islamists (not Islamic) with the orders of their NATO enablers target the Syrian 2 more cities Mhardeh (Muhardah) & Sqeilbieh in Hama Countryside in order to create strife and ignite the ‘civil war’ much anticipated by the western ‘leaders’. Hama cities were threatened on the same day another Christian town in Daraa, south of Syria was threatened by a similar mob: Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Besiege a Christian Town in Daraa
Al Qaeda FSA terrorists warn residents of 2 more cities of a coming attack
If you believe that Al Qaeda terrorists wearing Al Qaeda uniforms, carrying out operations against civilian residential localities under the excuses of protecting them, where these civilians never had a need to be protected prior to Al Qaeda infesting their towns and protecting them, then join the Sheeple of the west paying from their tax dollars to fund these groups while their economies back home suffer the worse.
A group of such Al Qaeda terrorists under the Islamist name of Ansar Brigade issue a warning to the residents of 2 peaceful towns in Hama countryside, Mhardeh & Sqeilbieh to expel the Syrian army and policemen so they won’t be fought back when they raid these towns and do what they are known to do: behead, rape, lynch, kidnap, burn, throw off roof tops and all other heinous crimes we’ve seen them do in the past 21 months of the Syrian crisis. We translated their video into English language (subtitles) for those in those favoring these criminals on the account of their own welfare from their tax dollars to get a hint on the reality of events in Syria and where their money is going: 
Sheeple: Fools who believe the Mainstream News has No agenda
but to report the truth.

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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