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syria 135 syrian refugees at jordans al zaatari refugee camp return home

135 Syrian Refugees at Jordan’s al-Zaatari Refugee Camp Return Home
Jan 03, 2013

Amman, (SANA)_135 Syrian refugees at al-Zaatari refugee Camp in Jordan decided to return home in reaction to the political blackmail and psychological pressure they were subjected to at the Camp.
The Jordanian al-Dustour Newspaper said that the Jordanian police has responded with teargas to the refugees’ demands in having their basic needs met, which prompted the refugees to respond with hurling stones at the police and make the decision to return home.
The newspaper quoted the refugee camps’ spokesman Anmar al-Hammoud as saying that the number of Syrian refugees who left Jordan of their own accord reached 135.
Observers say that the truth came out about the Camps which alarmed refugees to the dangers of staying there, as such camps are aimed at tarnishing the image of the Syrian state.

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