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syria ihrc chief western and gulf media reports on syria untrue

International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) Chief, Dr. Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan, stressed that the western and Gulf media reports on the events in Syria are “untrue.” In an interview with the Syrian Arab TV, Amin Khan pointed out that the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) condemns terrorism across the globe without any discrimination.
He added that the terrorists in Syria are receiving money and weapons from Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, pointing out that the so-called “Free Army” is just a group of terrorists.
He asserted that Syria has been the victim of the same terrorism targeting Pakistan and other countries because al-Qaeda organization which was fighting in Afghanistan against the U.S. occupation is now present in Syria.
IHRC Chief vehemently condemned the Qatari and Turkish policy which is based on funding terrorists to destabilize the Islamic countries.
He called on all sides in Syria to get involved in dialogue and find a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria according to Geneva Statement, calling on the opposition to change its course of supporting terrorism and to stop being mere tools in the hands of other countries.
Dr. Amin Khan revealed that the IHRC will host an international conference to solve crisis in Syria next February in Lebanon and several heads of states and international organizations’ chiefs will be invited.

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