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swiftkey cloud syncs typing habit devices


The Swiftkey Keyboard is probably one of the most popular keyboards in the Google Play Store and for the mobile operating system Android, of course. Beside Swype and some keyboard apps, Swiftkey is often used and loved by many Android users – for some good reasons.

The word prediction system of the Swiftkey keyboard is often working very well and makes you sometimes feel like your android device is able to read your mind, except when you switch the device, re-install the ROM for the smartphone or after you have formatted the complete storage of the android device.

But the developers behind the Swiftkey keyboard for Android in the Google Play Store have a new fix and feature for this problem – the Swiftkey Cloud service that will sync your typing habits across all your android devices.

While Swiftkey already learns your typing habits and its word prediction system is thus, working better from day to day, there is the problem when you often switch or format your mobile devices with android – Swiftkey has to learn your typing habits again and again every single time after a full format and on all of your devices.

The new feature, called Swiftkey Cloud, will change this and sync the typing habits across all android devices of the user. This means that it does no more matter what device you use, Swiftkey already knows your typing habits and will optimize the learning process and word prediction system as long as the smartphone / android device is connected to the new Swiftkey Cloud service.

Swiftkey Cloud also makes backups and not only syncs the typing habit of the user. Further, Swiftkey Cloud will use trending online terms to improve the typing experience of the user. For example, there are sometimes strange terms on Twitter that we would certainly never use, but thus, they are trending, and probably used for some time, Swiftkey Cloud takes these terms into account. The term “royal baby” is a good current example for this new feature of the current SwiftKey beta version.

The new Swiftkey Cloud feature and service is currently in beta stages for Android tablets and smartphones. The download of the Swiftkey Beta with the Swiftkey Cloud feature is not available at the Play Store by Goole but the download is available from the official website of Swiftkey if you want to give the Swiftkey Cloud a try.

The official update of the Swiftkey Keyboard in the Google Play Store is expected to arrive by next month.


After the download of the SwiftKey Cloud APK-File (smartphone / tablet), you can easily install it as long as you allowed the installation of APK-Files outside of the Google Play Store (in the security settings of the android device).

Download: SwiftKey Beta for Android (with SwiftKey Cloud)

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