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Sweden Tries Syrian Refugee Muhannad Droubi for his Act in 2012 Torturing Kidnapped Policeman

'Sweden tries a Syrian refugee Muhannad Droubi for his act in 2012 when he was filmed torturing a kidnapped policeman in Latakkia. A Syrian citizen in Sweden filed the case against Droubi and submitted the video as evidence before a Swedish court.'

Syrians and lovers of humanity worldwide are invited, and it's a responsibility on their shoulders, to file such cases against criminals they find in their countries of residence around the globe. The net is full of evidences of the barbarism and criminality of whom the Obama regime and its stooges were promoting as 'peaceful protestors' and 'freedom fighters'. It's your responsibility towards humanity, towards the victims of the Syrian crisis, and towards your own families as we're sure you wouldn't want your children and loved ones living in same neighborhoods as these cannibals, radical fanatic criminals and the real low life scums', you never know, maybe one of these criminals under pressure will be able to incriminate their masters, freaks alike McCain the rabid US Senator, Robert S Ford aka Emir of Jihadists et al.

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هااااااااااااااام , السويد تحاكم إرهابياً سورياً بتهمة تعذيب شرطي سوري في اللاذقية
القضاء السويدي يبدأ محاكمة الإرهابي مهند الدروبي أحد عناصر لواء أحرار الساحل في ريف اللاذقية بتهمة تعذيب شرطي سوري بعد خطفه عام 2012 حيث كان الدروبي تقدم بطلب لجوء إلى السويد وحصل على إقامة وبعدها تقدم مواطن سوري إلى القضاء بشريط فيديو يظهر فيه الدروبي وهو يعذب شرطيا سوريا فقامت الشرطة باعتقاله وتقديم للقضاء بتهمة خرق الفصل الثالث من اتفاقية جنيف وارتكاب جريمة ضد الإنسانية
على فكرة الدور قادم لخنازير فورة العهر الي موجودين بألمانيا وبكل أوربا و فكرو حالهم خلصو بعد ما دمرو سورية ؟؟
للنشر و المشاركة.
م . الصورة من الارشيف لغير جاحش


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