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Sublime Reunion of SAA & Families Free from Ghouta Terrorists


Soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) had a sublime, beautiful reunion with family members free from Ghouta terrorist occupation.  Watch the video of these newly free civilians meeting family members after a 5-year separation forced by takfiri control of Eastern Ghouta, and the redundant words will be readily forgiven.

One soldier was permitted to leave his post between Tanf and Deir Ezzor, to greet family he had not even spoken to by phone.  The newly free civilians reported torture, kidnapping, starvation, and incarceration by the terrorists.  A brother of an SAA soldier was murdered when the beasts with two legs found out his sibling was in the military.

[The video can also be found on BitChute:]

This video contains joyous family reunions via SANA and RT traveling with the SAA, finding tunnels dug by terrorists, make-shift prisons where Syrians were tortured, and an interview with a former member of the terrorist gang Faylaq Rahman. This man stated that 300 defected from Nusra, Faylaq Rahman, and other factions (of al-Qaeda), upon hearing the Syrian Arab Army was nearby. He and others have shown the locations of these underground hellholes.

SyriaNews shares screenshots from the video, for those who may not have streaming access.

Don’t expect to hear cheers from the UN.
Father reunited with his soldier son.
Sublime reunion.
RT report.
RT journalist: The residents are helping the Syrian Arab Army find the many tunnels dug inside these buildings…
Defectors awaited SAA
300 awaited the arrival of the SAA.

Do not expect the deep state hyenas of the UN to acknowledge this joyful occasion, nor the words of Syrian civilians who have escaped the savage terrorists that held Eastern Ghouta under occupation for five years.  Their voices are to be silenced.  The UN mobsters have ignored the daily bombings of Damascus by the besieged terrorists who have an endless supply of mortars, missiles, and rockets.

Do not expect a word of truth to be published by the utterly corrupt, morally bankrupt, MSM.  Forced to report on Tuesday’s massacre in Damascus which martyred 44 civilians (wounding more than 75, many critically) the scum Orwellianly described the slaughter as “besieged”  terrorists defending themselves.  There was no mention that the terrorists chose the time when the market was crowded as people shopped for Mother’s Day gifts. The headlines using the Bush II perfected passive tense, was the extent of acknowledging the carnage, reduced to an “attack.” More than half a page of fake news was dedicated to libeling the SAA, quoting the convicted felon who lives near London and re-running the same criminal propaganda.

A reality-based photograph of the carnage would seem appropriate, even as a limited hang-out.

Al-Ghouta terrorists massacred Syrians for Mother’s Day. This is the slaughter the UN supports.

In lieu of a single, truthful photograph of the carnage inflicted on civilians, all scum media shared one of AP’s fake photos from the al-Qaeda Helmets (not one has yet noticed that these fake responders are without a stethoscope, without spinal precautions equipment, and have never taken a course in CPR).  Forty-four  Syrians shopping for Mother’s Day presents are butchered, and this is the garbage shown in MSM:

Crayola may be adding a new color to its crayons: al-Qaeda Helmets gray.

Criminal liars of the MSM have captioned photos supplied by these monsters — who slaughter and behead SAA soldiers, who kidnap and brutalize children, who bomb civilians — as “authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting.”

SAA soldiers slaughtered, their corpses abused. What American would cheer seeing a US soldier so brutalized?

The SAA has now liberated parts of farmland in Ain Tarma, an area of Eastern Ghouta where al-Qaeda occupiers have previously screamed about fake chlorine attacks.  These photos from July 2017 are screengrabs from a 30-second video of a fake emergency room where weapons, not stethoscopes were seen; another example of “authenticated.”

Holstered gun; no stethoscope.
white helmets
No stethoscope. No emergency health care.

As the SAA continues to liberate Eastern Ghouta of all the fake besieged, western armed and murderous terrorists, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent — which last week delivered 340 tons of food into Ghouta neighborhoods — is preparing a building in Adra as temporary shelter for 3,500 civilians who have been freed from besieged terrorists of occupied Ghouta.

SARC is preparing temporary shelter for 3,500 Syrians who have escaped the “besieged” terrorists occupying Ghouta..

In December 2013, under the leadership of besieged terrorist Zahran Alloush, Adra was invaded in the dead of night. The police station was attacked, every member of the police force executed.  The Public Hospital was attacked. One of the nurses was beheaded, his head hung from a tree in the market.  Two hundred Syrians were baked in industrial bread ovens.  Entire families were burnt to death in their homes.

Liberated by the Syrian Arab Army, the SARC now prepares temporary shelter for Syrians freed from Ghouta terrorists.

As the death toll from the terrorist bombings of the al Kashkoul market continues to grow, this author extends her deep condolences.  May the families of the martyrs receive some measure of comfort from the reunion of soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army and the newly freed people from Eastern Ghouta.

May there be God, and may the SAA be blessed.

Miri Wood, RNc

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