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SDF Separtists Murdered Two Syrian Civilians in Al Hasakah Countryside

Kurdish SDF separtist militia a tool in the hands of the USA and Israel

Armed SDF terrorists loyal to the Donald Trump regime murdered two Syrian civilians and injured several more when they opened fire at a peaceful protest in Arisha Camp, Al Hasakah countryside yesterday 15 May 2019.

The crime is usual for these outlaw armed militia seeking to imitate Israel by creating their own state on stolen Syrian land, they resort instantly to violence due to their extreme unpopularity among the Syrian people in the areas they control under the protection of the Trump regime.

Syrian displaced refugees at the Arisha Camp, southern countryside of Al Hasakah province, took to the streets of the camp protesting the ill practices by the SDF militiamen and the miserable conditions they are living in the camp.

All the demand was to enhance their living conditions in the camp they’re held in when the SDF militia started shooting at them killing two and injuring several others with different wounds.

Earlier yesterday morning, the SDF separatist militia blocked the entrances of Ash Shaddadi city trying to prevent further protests against their illegal presence and their cooperation with the US occupation.

Constant clashes between the Syrian people and the Kurdish SDF separatist militias are all over the region east of Euphrates where the Kurds enjoy the full protection of the US troops and their international illegal evil coalition.

There’s a complete blackout of information coming from the regions under the control of the SDF separatists, however, citizens escaping the oppression of the SDF militias are spreading the news and calling on the Syrian state and the Syrian Arab Army to clean their region from US-sponsored terrorists and militias similar to what the SAA has done in other parts of the country.

We’ve reported last month one of the clashes between the local citizens and the SDF militias east of Der Ezzor city. The Syrian locals are refusing to be recruited under the occupation forces and their SDF militias to fight their Syrian brethren in the SAA.

The Kurds fleeing the Ottoman persecution were received and protected by the Syrians in their homes and now they want to carve out a state for their own on the account of those who rescued them, sounds familiar? That’s exactly what the Zionist have done in occupied Palestine one century ago.

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  1. Miri

    NATO msm have slightly reported on the Syrian demonstrations, complaining they “could be a blow to Washington” & describing Syrians in derogatory, colonialist, terms.

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