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Saudi Media Exercising Free Speech!

When Danish caricaturist Kurt Westergaard drew his terrible cartoons attacking prophet Muhammad, the entire Muslim world went on rage except one place: Saudi Arabia, for some reasons..! The strange thing at that time that Wahhabi (anti-Islam religion) scholars, especially the Saudi ones went on frenzy campaigns calling on Muslims rage against the cartoons in each country, except in theirs.
Now the Saudi media are demonizing the head of the Maronite Church in Antioch and all the East Patriarch Bechara Al-Rahi in a disturbing cartoon because of the cleric’s visit to Damascus, Syria to attend the inauguration of Patriarch John X Yazigi as the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, a message meant to show tolerance and solidarity with other Christians.
1) Instead of writing his name correctly: ‘Bechara’ Al-Rahi, the caricaturist wrote: ‘Bashara’ in reference to Syrian president Bashar Al Assad. 
2) He shows 3 images of the patriarch with the hat he wears converting to a rocket.
3) Drawing the ears of the patriarch as demon ears.
4) And the weird part where the real free speech is ‘obvious’, the patriarch hides the cross he’s wearing in the necklace, because simply in Saudi Arabia it’s not allowed to show a Cross..! 
The above comes one day after the son of a Lebanese MP from the Saudi citizen former Lebanese PM Hariri’s bloc Nihad  Machnouk, his son, the Lebanese citizen part of the Syrian opposition called Saleh Machnouk attacked the patriarch in a Facebook post saying he lead a ‘Satanic Mass’ in Damascus: 
Then instead of apologizing after his post raised anger among the Christian community in Lebanon including his father’s own allies, he posts: 
‘I apologize from the brothers who considered the last post an insult to their beliefs, what I wanted to say is that Patriarch Al-Rahi has instilled in his divine mass in Damascus his partnership with Satan. The visit in whole is a desperate support doze to the criminal Bashar Al Assad.
By the way, who considers that a Muslim doesn’t criticize the Patriarch and the Christian doesn’t criticize the Mufti when one of them support criminality he may leave this page with his sectarianism’
At the same time, Al Qaeda Levant known as Al Nusra Front or FSA have attacked the first Maronite Church in the world and the grave of Mar Maron in Brad in Aleppo countryside in a respond to this visit by the Patriarch..! Saudi Arabia and Qatar finance Al Qaeda in Syria and elsewhere openly and officially, their Wahhabi scholars promote the ideology of slitting throats of the others:

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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