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12 thousand tunisian armed in syria want to return to their country


Tunisia: Informed sources told “Algerian Sunrise”, that there are 12 thousand Tunisian in Syria belonging to armed groups there, preparing to return to Tunisia, in response to the appeal of Salafi Jihadi leader called Abu Ayyad.

Reports warned Tunisian security of the current situation through which the country is witnessing growing frightening number the armed elements, and raised fears the possibility of the return of Tunisians who joined the Free Syrian Army against the Syrian Arab Army. And sources estimated the number at 12 thousand, in the case of their return to Tunisia the situation will be very serious. According to the source, the security establishment in Tunis is not strong enough, where the number of troops are at 35 thousand, but police around 160 thousand and are unable to cope with this flow of humans. The 12 thousand adds to a considerable number of jihadists in Tunisia now, after the request from Salafi Jihadi leader Abu Ayyad, request to stay in Tunisia, not to join armed groups in Mali and Syria.



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