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Saudi Arabia, the Peace Dove Carrying the Blood of Millions

Syrian President Bashar Assad receives Saudi foreign minister

The foreign minister of Saudi Arabia paid a few-hour visit to Damascus, the first visit by a Saudi official in over 11 years, he met President Bashar Al Assad, with smiles, greetings, and general talks.

Saudi Arabia had been the main regional locomotive in the war of terror waged against the Syrian people since early 2011. It had earlier played an essential role in weakening every pan-Arab initiative to serve the Israeli and US agendas in the region ever since the kingdom’s foundation. The Saudi’s most recent involvements were on an unprecedented criminal scale exceeding the horrors caused by the colonial powers of the past century using their deep pockets and their retard anti-Islamic Wahhabi doctrine.

The readouts of both the Syrian news agency SANA and the Saudi official Press Agency of President Assad’s reception of the visiting Saudi minister are limited to the standard general cables for such meetings, talking about brotherly relations and passing greetings from and to the leaders of both countries.

However, the Saudi Press Agency goes a bit further than the Syrian news agency read out in parroting the same cliche it used against Syria’s sovereignty for the past 12 years but this time it tries to show it in a friendly manner, the term ‘regime’ is replaced with the ‘Syrian government’ and the slurs against the Syrian president are replaced with ‘President of the Syrian Arab Republic Bashar Al-Assad.’

The Saudis continue their interference in the internal affairs of Syria and still want access to all the Syrian regions under the guise of distributing aid, it wants a political settlement to the crisis in Syria that ‘would end all its repercussions’ and ‘achieve national reconciliation’ but with who? The Syrian people reconciling with al Qaeda or ISIS, for instance?

The Saudis talk about returning Syria to the Arab fold! Syria has not departed from the ‘Arab fold,’ it was the Saudi and Qatari initiative to expel Syria from the Arab League, to boycott the country, to wage wars of terror against the Syrian people and economic siege against the Syrian economy, to attack the Syrian stance in every international arena, to wage an unprecedented demonizing systematic media campaign against everything Syrian, to issue fatwas (religious doctrines) to kill every Syrian not supporting al Qaeda in Syria including top Muslim clerics, to blow up Syrian houses of worship, to commit sectarian massacres against every Syrian sect including mainstream ‘Sunni’ Syrians, and the Saudis went even to prevent Syrians from performing Hajj, the once in a lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca for every adult Muslim.

The Saudis and Qataris violated the Arab League Charter by expelling Syria from the organization it was key in founding. Such a decision required a unilateral decision, yet they managed to issue the decision despite the objections of Algeria, Lebanon, and Iraq, three pillars of the Arab world and established countries before Qatar was recognized as a state and before Saudis knew what a car is.

For Saudi Arabia to call on returning Syria to the ‘Arab fold’ and acting as if the objection of Qatar and Morocco is preventing them from achieving that is simply ridiculous.

President Bashar Al-Assad enjoys the support of the Syrian people for many reasons, an important one of them is he feels the pulse of the Syrian people and that pulse now is beating in anger toward the sheep-dipping of Saudi Arabia into a peace dove in the region. President Assad is not keen on returning Syria to the Arab League, he stressed multiple times the importance of bilateral relations over the membership of a league that has only issued unimplementable decisions in favor of the Arab world and implementable decisions against the interests and national security of the Arab world like the one inviting NATO to invade Libya.

The Baath Party, which President Al-Assad is its leader, continues to have the leading role in Syria’s affairs and has a pan-Arab stance, it favors the unity of the Arab world having all the elements that unify the Arabs in their numerous countries like the Arab language, culture, and common history, even common religions across the Arab countries, where countries with no such common elements have forged unions like the European Union and the African Union; the Arabs, no thanks to countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, has failed to achieve anything near that unity.

Syria is accepting all proposals for rapprochement from the countries that contributed to the war of terror against it, at the time President Assad was receiving the Saudi minister, the Syrian foreign minister was in Tunisia discussing the steps of resuming relations in all aspects, Tunisia was the first Arab country to fall victim to the NATO-orchestrated anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood plot and was under the ruling of the Muslim Brotherhood one of the main vocal and practical bases of the war on Syria including hosting the first so-called ‘Friends of Syria’ meetings to call for a NATO invasion of Syria, and sending hundreds of Tunisians to join the suicide bombers in the country.

Syria accepted the Russian mediation for rapprochement with NATO member state Turkey, the main hub for al Qaeda terrorists who invaded Syria in their hundreds of thousands and continue to do so under the command of the Turkish ‘intelligence’ and the Turkish army.

However, in all rapprochement cases, of the Arab countries and those of Turkey and others, Syria has set the conditions to accept normalizing the relations with those countries which are basically abiding by International Law and the United Nations Charter of respecting Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, which the Saudis, Qataris, and Turks are yet to recognize.

The Syrian people have bravely and relentlessly fought and continue to fight back against the US-led Guflies and EU-sponsored war of terror, suffering enormously, sacrificing tens of thousands of the finest Syrians, wounding hundreds of thousands more, displacing millions of others, and at the end, they are asked to forgive and forget those who harmed them, even to thank the criminals and appreciate their awakening, rewarding the criminals who lost their war on the Syrian people on the account of the Syrian people.

The Syrians who fought the war and won are seeing their enemies who lost the same war forging deals and entering into alliances with the presumed allies of Syria without any accountability or remorse. There has not been a single letter of apology from the countries, parties, or factions that waged the terrorist war on Syria and lost.

Visits of officials from the Gulfies, Turkey, and other countries are welcomed by the Syrian state officials, they can’t expect the same welcome they used to be received by the Syrian people prior to their criminal role in the war of terror on Syria. If such visits, even if it were suspicious like the 2007 European and Gulfies honeytrap rapprochement with Syria after the 33 days of the heinous aggressive Israeli war against Lebanon in the summer of 2006 which the Israelis lost despite the enormous support they received from the same parties that tried again in March 2011 to destroy Syria, if these rapprochements would save the blood of a Syrian child, let it be, the price is worth it, but the Syrians are welcoming them with much caution, and much disdain.

The rulers of Saudi Arabia and other countries that contributed to the war of terror on Syria have a long way to go to prove their sincere shift, for Saudi Arabia and its Gulfies brethren need to start by stopping their support for Al Qaeda and its offshoots and affiliates and for the separatist Kurds, they need to establish a fund for compensating the Syrian state with at least double the amount they invested in supporting the destruction of Syria, and to tame their media, then they might be considered the peace doves they claim they turned into.

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  1. WPS LOL Admin

    if they want to be forgiven by Syria and the Syrians, all those who destroyed the country must compensate Syria for all economic damages and return every corner of the country to the rightful government, lift all economic sanctions, take away all the shit they have left in Syria (i.e. all foreign mercenaries).

  2. Jack Oliver

    Russia and China are changing the future

    That is all that can be done now – NO country in modern history has been able to stand up to the Rothschild Criminal Banking Cartel that have financed EVERY war and terrorist group since at least the Crimean War ( 1853 – 1856 )

    Russia did it in the only language they understand – FORCE !

    THEY are the head of the SNAKE and they will finally be finished !

  3. Roy

    «The West, for its part, should continue to provide Ukraine with the quality and quantity of military and economic support it requires. There are strong strategic reasons for doing so, including to deter future aggression by Russia, China, or anyone else. In addition, Putin and others in Russia should be made to understand the price they would pay for expanding the war geographically or by introducing weapons of mass destruction. Plans to implement such responses need to be readied if deterrence fails».
    As is obvious to almost any normal human being these are the remarks of men who were extremely abused as children; the scars of their abuse is written all over their thought processes; they think of themselves as living Gods; sadly even those who claim to worship Abraham, fall to their knees and worship these psychopaths instead; it is only those who display the strength of their belief in a fair and honest God, such as the Syrians have that will save this world from such freaks of nature as these men quoted above.

  4. Roy

    Why are Western Media Suddenly Praising Russian Electronic Warfare Capabilities?
    Russia is among the world leaders in electronic warfare and its warfighting capabilities in this regard are a source of pride for the Eurasian giant, but also fear for its adversaries.


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