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SAHAB 73 Is a Syrian Made Airplane

SAHAB 73 Syria Made Training Airplane presented at Damascus International Fair

SAHAB 73, a miracle in the current circumstances. In spite of the 7.5 years of the devastating ‘War of Terror’ waged against them by the most powerful and richest countries, a group of Syrian engineers managed to design, build and produce the first completely Syrian training airplane.

The country is also under the most severe economic and technological sanctions any country has been under in the world, but that doesn’t form any obstacle for the Syrian brains. A group of 10 Syrian engineers and technicians, males and females, from all sides of the nation, put their brains and skills together and came up with SAHAB 73.

The following report by Al-Mayadeen’s Mohammad Khodr talks about SAHAB 73 and other achievements of Syrian expertises during showcased during Damascus International Fair in its 60th version:

(Video also available on BitChute:

Among the other achievements showcased in the Damascus International Fair are the Syrian expertise in restoring devasted oil and gas fields like the Hayyan Oil and Gas Field destroyed by ISIS who blew up the entire facilities and the Syrian engineers and technicians from Hayyan Oil and Gas Company managed not only to rehabilitate and restore the facilities, but also to achieve full production within 3 months only after cleaning the field from ISIS terrorists.

We reiterate that any foreign involvement in the reconstruction efforts in Syria would have a very negative impact on the purchasing power of the Syrian people. Yes, you read that right, what is required is to force the countries that contributed in the War of Terror to compensate the Syrian people for the devastation of their country and the daily suffering throughout this crisis, and leave the reconstruction to the Syrian people themselves.

Before the crisis, Syria was among the cheapest and most affordable countries in the world thanks to the government efforts in subsidizing all essentials including fuel and raw materials, which led to the prices of the essentials to be 1/5th of the same prices in all the neighboring countries. Foreign investments would drive prices to skyrocket, and that’s not what we want.

In other words: JUST LEAVE US ALONE.

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