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SAA Terminates a Number of Obama Thugs

Syrian president Dr. Bashar Al Assad with an SAA unit

As in the past couple of months, today was not an exception in the losses sustained by Obama thugs fighting in the ranks of Al-Qaeda in Syria all over the country. The following is a brief of operations carried out by the Syrian Arab Army against dens of terrorists.

Idleb: Obama thugs try to ‘democratize’ the grains silos in Maraat Noman countryside and were received by an SAA unit that rendered them very ‘peaceful’. The silos and the grains stored in them were protected from the thieves.

An SAA unit traced gatherings of Obama Regime thugs from Al Qaeda FSA and managed to destroy 4 dshk machine gun mounted pick up cars killing its passengers. The group of terrorists were heading to Arbaeen Mountain in Idleb Countryside.

Syrian president Dr. Bashar Al Assad with an SAA unit
Syrian president Dr. Bashar Al Assad with an SAA unit

Abu Dhohour airport SAA guarding units repelled an attack by Obama’s anti-Islamic Islamist Wahhabis Sex Cannibal Jihadists eliminating a number of the attacking terrorists with direct hits and destroyed a vehicle the terrorists were using.

Daraa: An SAA unit addresses a group of terrorists tried to attack the Old Customs area. A number of non Syrian Arab terrorists were killed and from the identified: Palestinian Jordanian Alaa Jamil Saadi and Kuwaiti Muhammad Abdullah Al Ajami.

Damascus & Damascus Countryside: A group of terrorists sustained casualties near Al Omari Mosque in Qaboun district north east of Damascus by an SAA unit.

Another group were terminated with their car loaded with weapons in Harmalleh, Damascus Countryside.
An SAA unit chased a group of Obama thugs in Harasata and managed to kill 2 of them.

A gathering of terrorists received a surprise present from the Syrian Arab Army in Ghanam Square in Douma, Damascus countryside.

A command center for Liwa Islam, one of the names of Obama’s Al-Qaeda groups fighting under the FSA umbrella in Damascus Countryside, was destroyed by the SAA in Aloub Orchids in Douma. Weapons, vehicles and munitions were destroyed in the operation.

SAA engaged with terrorists in Bahariyah, Eastern Ghouta near Tal Ashaari and Sayyedah Zainab, and the upper hand as usual was for the SAA.

Homs & its countryside: SAA eliminated numbers of terrorists and injured others in Al-Hosn in Tal Kalakh, Homs Countryside.

SAA repelled an attack by Obama’s thugs against Kafr Nan village in Rastan countryside rendering them useless.

Syrian Arab Army units targeted terrorist quarters in Dar Kabira, Tal Dahab, near Ghajar gas staion and on the Homs – Palmyra road near Baghalleh area. Syrian Armed Forces units targeted terrorist dens near the National Hospital in Qarabis, behind Warsheh Cafe and at Hamwi Tower in Warsheh district.

At time of writing this post, news of another explosion in Al Mayadeen city in Der Ezzor province, north of Syria was reported with information of casualties, waiting for details. This is the second explosion in this evening after a group of the FSA called Nusra Front detonated a car in another group of the same US regime sponsored terrorist organization in Rankus town north west of Damascus.

Obama's Donkeys
Obama’s Donkeys

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  1. Jim Prendergast

    Good reporting! May I suggest a more restrained, understated form? The FSA might indeed be “sex cannibal jihadists” but from a journalistic standpoint it may be wiser to take that as given.
    I would also reccomend more careful editing of sentence-structure.
    “An SAA unit traced gatherings of Obama Regime thugs from Al Qaeda FSA and managed to destroy 4 dshk machine gun mounted pick up cars killing its passengers.” Would read more easily like this: “An SAA unit traced gatherings of Obama Regime thugs from the Al Qaeda FSA. They managed to destroy 4 dshk machine gun mounted pick-up trucks killing all passengers.
    Good luck.

    • Arklight

      MK is coming along nicely. He is not a native speaker of English but, with rare exceptions, his posts are pretty comprehensible. True, his English usage is sometimes not smooth, sometimes requires re-reading a passage, but the nuts ‘n’ bolts of the story come through just fine/ Granted his descriptions of the bad guy outfits waxes a bit florid at times, but not any worse than the descriptive adjectives which Harry Reid uses in describing Republicans. Over all, MK’s forum is graced with a certain ‘retro’ effect which injects some – – well, fun – – into news of an horrific conflict which could get infinitely worse at any moment, if Obama had his way.

      MK is pretty much a one man band with a full time job, and puts his material forward in his ‘spare time’. He does have a small volunteer staff, two I think, but he does the story selection, vetting, translation and posting to site himself; he’s pretty dedicated. Most Americans I know couldn’t do as good of a job as he does, and the site gives us much more informative than most. Stick around, Jim, and watch him advance; you should have been here for the start of English language posts

      I’d guess that you’ll find the contributors to be an interesting mix. There’s everything from the scorched earth fanatics to folks who are, obviously, very intelligent, thoughtful, and in a couple of instances, I think, scholars of pretty good standing; we also have veterans, regular folks and a generally nicely assorted mix. Mohammad, one of my personal favorites, is so obviously a scholar that he makes me think about going back to college and doing something worthwhile with myself.

      Anyway, welcome to the forum; just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  2. Blowback Winds

    A Suggestion From A Zionist Of A Reverse Scenario: “If these sex jihadists Ever Do Think of freeing Occupied Palestine (the Main cancerous tumour in the Ummah, my words) & decide to enter ‘our lands’, the authorities would be waiting for them with interesting results- ALL foreigners caught would be First castrated (to neuter their sex jihadists tendencies) and have their 3-Fingers on Each Hand chopped off BEFORE being flown back to their countries (at their government expenses). For the rest of their lives, Everywhere & Everyone they meet would identify their stupidity. Even though it would be a ‘ready market’ for the wahhabi sheikhs to uplift their own spiritual stations by having a regular supply of fresh men, it would Deter anyone from joining these sex jihadists knowing that either death awaits (straight to hell) Or if captured, there would Never be sex again Nor any useful activity apart from serving the wahhabi sheikhs at all times.


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