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saa terminates group qaeda fsa terrorists hama countryside

Syrian Arab Army

While the western mainstream media and their Arabian stooges tries to glorifies the Wahhabi Sex Jihadists attacking Syria as ‘heroic freedom fighters’ and ‘brave men’ who don’t fail a single battle and didn’t lose a single member (can you remember them mention any casualties among the terrorists?) in a more than 24 crisis that they keep reporting the losses of civilians alone have reached 70,000! Then either they don’t count the following or these form the majority of the killed ones.

A terrorist group from these prehistoric cavemen coming with the help of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the two beacons of democracy in the world, to ‘democratize’ Syria, attacked a riot police checkpoint in the northern countryside of Hama, in the outskirts of Kafar Nabbudah, Tal Al-Qabu area, attacking from an armored vehicle and were all sent to Hell via the Syrian Arab Army Express Service dedicated to such apes. None of the terrorist group survived, and lots of weapons and munition confiscated.

Report with English subtitles – Graphic images included:


Syrian Arab Army Badge
Syrian Arab Army Badge

We wonder if western mainstream media mentions such losses, especially NATO’s loudest voices: FoxNews, CNN, BBC, France 24 and their Arabic minions Al-Jazeera & Al-Arabiya?!

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  1. jj

    Catapult their corpses into Turkey (at least the ones who are non-Syrians). Turkey is where many terrorists are coming from to destroy Syria. So launch the dead foreign criminals' bodies to Turkey. Don't forget: Never trust Turkey!


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