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SAA Repels an Attack by Moderate Al-Qaeda Opposition Terrorists against a 3rd Century Monetary

SAA repels an attack by ‘Moderate Alqaeda Opposition’ terrorists against a 3rd century monetary in Damascus countryside..

Reme Sakr

Radical terrorist groups based in Rankous have sought after the 3rd century Cherubim monastery in Saidnaya due to its high strategic position. Unlucky for them, the Syrian army and local National Defence Forces have successfully repelled their attacks. When the monastery was first attacked, it was occupied by monks only, so there should be no confusion over it being a military target. During one battle, Jabhat al Nusra and Jaish Al Islam were only metres away from the monastery’s gate which they blew off with artillery. Of the 500 militants who attacked, French, Chechen, Saudi, Kuwaiti, and Afghan nationals were amongst them. The monastery was built by the Byzantines with limestone, and although foreign-backed militants have inflicted mortar damage to its infrastructure, all its artifacts have been transferred to a different location for their protection and safe keeping. Just to state what is already well known in Syria and amongst its supporters- of the three soldiers based at the monastery whom I spoke with, one was a Sunni Muslim, one was an Alawite Muslim, and one was a Christian, so this is not a case of one religion attacking another. Syrians from different religious backgrounds are collectively defending and protecting their holy sites against foreign-backed terrorists. Western governments and the so-called Christian world are actively supporting the destruction of these historical churches, either directly with funds and weapons, or by constantly spreading lies and propaganda against the Syrian army which is the only force fighting to protect Christians in Syria, and the more that people know this, the harder it would be for them to do it.

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