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SAA Foils Terrorists Infiltrations and Attacks in Northern Hama Province

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Hama Northern Countryside: Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units operating in the town of Taybat Imam foiled an infiltration and aggression attempt by a terrorist group from Nusra Front.

Turkey-sponsored terrorists continue breaching the Idlib Agreement by the guarantors of the hostilities cessation in the province, on daily bases, the below are just the four latest breaches of the agreement.

The terrorists were targeting the SAA outposts and the secured towns in northern Hama countryside, south of Idlib.

  • SAA units retaliated to an attack by the terrorists by targeting their launch bases in the vicinity of Buweidha village up north. A number of the terrorists’ cannon and artillery launchpads were destroyed, and several terrorists were eliminated.
  • Another group of Turkey-sponsored terrorists from the so-called ‘Izza Battalions’ were eliminated when it breached the Idlib Agreement from its post in the vicinity of Maarkaba village, within the designated demilitarized zone as per the agreement.
  • SAA units positioned near the town of Jourin retaliated to an attack by the Turkistan Party terrorist group in the outskirts of Sarmanniyah town. The terrorists attacked SAA outposts in al-Ghab Valley. The Turkistan Party is a heavily armed and trained terrorist militia of mainly Chinese Uighur operating closely under Turkey’s MiT (‘Intelligence’). They’re responsible for a number of the most heinous crimes against the Syrian people.
  • Terrorists from the so-called ‘Izza Battalions’ attempted to infiltrate the villages of Zalin, Shalbout, and al-Zakat and were dealt with by the SAA military outposts protecting these villages.

An agreement was reached in September between Russia and Turkey to give the latter a chance to withdraw its terrorists from a 15 kilometers deep area in the Idlib province and halt the SAA’s advancing.

Russia’s intentions from the deal were to spare the population from enduring an offensive and at the same time deflate NATO’s plans to attack the Syrian Arab Army in the event the NATO-sponsored terrorists are threatened.

However, Turkey’s intentions, and behind NATO’s, were to prolong the Syrian crisis, empower and fortify the positions of the terrorists of Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant) and its affiliates and stop the SAA’s momentum.

Despite the continuous delays by the Turkish regime in implementing their part of the aforementioned agreement they committed themselves to, the Turks have let loose their sponsored terrorists in the province to attack SAA units, and residential neighborhoods in the provinces surrounding Idlib: Aleppo, Hama, and Lattakia.

“Never give your back to a Turk, otherwise he will betray you and stabs you in the back.”

-Something the Russians should learn.

Armenian Proverb

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