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SAA Foils ISIS and Nusra Attacks in East and West of Syria

image-ISIS, Nusra Front and FSA same groups of terrorists different names - Hama - Idlib - Aleppo - Latakia

Over the past several weeks Nusra Front, the Levant branch of al-Qaeda have launched multiple attacks against the Syrian Arab Army posts in the west of the country, mainly in Hama, south of Idlib, and in Latakia province.

ISIS, the filthiest terrorist organization which derived from al-Qaeda as well but in Iraq and Syria, have also gathered what it can gather and launched continuous fierce attacks against the SAA positions in central and east of Syria, most notably on the Deir Ezzor – Tadmur (Palmyra) highway.

Both terrorist organizations put the maximum of their leftover strengths behind the offensive and their losses were hence at the maximum.

Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that 2495 terrorist has been eliminated as a result of the foiled attacks from both Nusra Front and ISIS terrorist organizations and their smaller FSA supporting groups, 2700 terrorists injured and that’s just by the Russian air force precise raids between 19 and 29th of September.

16 field commanders were among the terrorists eliminated and over 400 of the terrorists who came from Russia and CIS countries (former Soviet Union countries).

Earlier the Russian armed forces confirmed targeting a gathering of a group of Nusra top commanders who were responsible for the attack against the Russian Military Police post and the attempt to kidnap the 29 personnel there. The targeting led to the elimination of a dozen of those commanders.

67 defense positions, 27 tanks, 21 multiple missile launchers, 149 machine-guns mounted 4×4 vehicles, 17 booby-trapped cars and 51 munition storage were destroyed by the Russian air force raids, the Russian Ministry of Defense added.

Currently, and as per spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry Major General Igor Konashenkov, the Syrian Arab Army units with support from the Russian air forces are completing the encircling and eliminating of a large ISIS terrorist group of more than 1500 terrorist in the east of Deir Ezzor province. These terrorists sneaked in from Iraq recently.

Footage from the aftermath of the battles with ISIS terrorists in Thardeh area, Deir Ezzor:

Unconfirmed reports spoke of Russian air forces targeting bases it showed before of ISIS alongside the US-sponsored SDF bases to the east of the Euphrates River in Deir Ezzor which resulted in the killing of a number of ISIS terrorists and at least 3 US commanders embedded with them. This was in retaliation to the targeted killing by ‘ISIS’, with US advising and weapons, of the top Russian General Valery Asapov last week.

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