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SAA Air Defense Shoots Down Enemy Missile Targeting Masyaf

Air Defense SAM S-125 Syria SAA - Masyaf

The Syrian Arab Army’s air defense units spotted and destroyed an unidentified target coming from north of Lebanon and destroyed it before it reached its target in Misyaf area, Hama countryside.

A statement by the Syrian Ministry of Defense added: At 11:06 pm yesterday the SAA air defense spotted an enemy target coming from north of Lebanon towards the city of Masyaf.

It concluded: The SAA air defense units destroyed the incoming target before it reached its target.

Masyaf, not from the military operations in Hama northern and southern Idlib countrysides, has been targeted multiple times by Israel, Erdogan terrorists, and the USA, the latest of such were on April the 7th by terrorists loyal to the Turkish pariah Erdogan and on April 13th by an Israeli air raid.

There is in the city of Masyaf a research center, SAA’s Military Accounting School, Palestinian Liberation Army’s training school, and nothing else. For NATO and stooges Israel and Turkey, a research center for the Syrian Arab Army or a military accounting school or even the Palestinian youth training facility are important targets they risk igniting a regional war to destroy and assassinate scientists, but they go mad if one of their own scientists would be targeted.

This latest enemy attempt seems to be in line, as usual, to raise the morale of Al-Qaeda defeated terrorists. Israel usually bombs targets in Syria in hit and run operations mostly from illegal and arrogant breaches of Lebanese air space and from behind civilian airplanes when they could. Its interference comes when NATO terrorists are cornered. The Israelis do not dare to target a significant Syrian site after the shooting down of two of its most advanced F16 and F35 ‘stealth’, the first by a 5 decades old S200 missile, and the second by a Syrian pigeon flying at 35,000 feet, as they claimed.

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