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Russian Military Interrupts Erdogan’s Terrorism in Raqqa, Northern Syria

Russian military in northern Syria - file photo الجيش الروسي في الشمال السوري

The Russian military police and army helicopters interrupted the onslaught of the aggression of the NATO Turkish army and its Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups against the people in northern Syria, mainly around the Syrian city of Ayn Al-Arab in the northern Raqqa countryside.

Russia is one of the guarantors of the Astana framework and the Idlib Agreement between Syria and NATO which was represented by the Turkish madman Erdogan commanding the Turkish army and a slew of Al Qaeda terrorist groups, Erdogan seems to keep forgetting that and needs to be reminded more often to what he is obliged to in those agreements.

The following report by the Syrian Ikhbariya news channel summarizes today’s military situation in northern Syria:

The video is also available on YouTube, BitChute, Odysee, and Rumble.


With heavy artillery and rockets, the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries continued to target residential areas in the village of Al-Hoshan, the M4 international road, and the vicinity of the town of Ain Issa in the northern countryside of Raqqa, in conjunction with the intense flight of Turkish warplanes over the area.

In the countryside of Aleppo, the pace of the military escalation of the Turkish occupation focused on the fronts of Manbij, northeast of the province, and in Tal Rifaat in the northern countryside, after the Turkish occupation army focused its artillery and missile bombardment on the two areas, which Erdogan announced last Wednesday that they constitute the first goal of his aggressive ambitions to carve out Syrian lands.

As for Ayn al-Arab, the Russian forces imposed their field presence by operating helicopters in the sky and near the border contact lines, as well as conducting a joint patrol by the Russian military police in the eastern and western countryside of Ayn al-Arab at the Turkish border.

On the other hand, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continued to target with artillery and mortar shells the villages and towns of the northern and central countryside of Aleppo, which are threatened by the invasion, the bombardment targeted the towns of Deir al-Jamal, al-Sayara, al-Washiyah, Kashtaar, Abyan, Tal Ajar, and Sheikh Issa, causing severe damage to civilian property.

In Manbij, the vicinity of the town of Arima, southwest of Manbij, and the lines of contact with the Sajour River, west of the region, were targeted, which forced a new wave of displacement among the residents of those villages.

Politically, with the Iranian Foreign Minister announcing the postponement of his scheduled visit to Ankara for several new days, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will land in Turkey on Wednesday, where the Syrian file and the Turkish regime’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s threats to launch new aggression inside Syrian territory will be one of the main topics of the Russian minister’s talks.

End of the transcript.

As seen, the Russian military needs to do much more to implement the Idlib agreement in northern Syria, especially when dealing with a weasel NATO leader, especially the likes of the Turkish madman Erdogan and his lust for the blood of Muslims and Christians.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    Russia needs to flex more muscles in the face of this Erdogan, he thinks it’s his chance now taking advantage of a special complicated relation with Syria’s main allies in the war on terror: Russia and Iran.


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