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Russia to Deliver S400 to China, Wonder if Russia will Ever Deliver S300 to Syria?

#Russia to deliver S400 to #China, wonder if Russia will ever deliver the more than 30 years old S300 to #Syria bought years ago? Or maybe that’s not possible after Mr. Putin promised Netanyahu to secure the safety of #Israel!!

Russian Military Technologies

Moscow to deliver S-400 to BeijingRussia and China have signed a contract for the supply of Beijing six battalions of antiaircraft missile systems S-400. Under the agreement, China will pay for each division of about $ 500 million.The contract provides training services for combat vehicles crews, supply of spare parts and additional missiles. Note that there is no official confirmation of the signing of the contract.According to the US site, a part of each division consists of eight launchers with two missiles each, command car, radar and pre-charging installation 16 missiles each. According to the Chinese portal, several battalions of S-400 will be posted on the coast from Taiwan, and the rest – from Japan, Vietnam and South Korea.

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