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Russia Slams the EU for Politicizing the Syrian Refugees Suffering

Syrian Refugees and Displaced - USA and Brussels prevent their return to their homeland

Russia has strongly criticized the European Union and the USA for their continuous attempts to prolong the Syrian refugees’ crisis by politicizing their suffering the latest of such attempts are manifested in the so-called ‘Supporting the future of Syria and the region’ conference in Brussels.

Despite being the main concerned party, the Syrian government was not invited to an international conference discussing the ‘future of Syria’ which would be held in Brussels, and the rejection of the European Union officials with the support of their US patrons on not inviting Russia as well to the conference had stripped it from any positive objective and turned it into a “Western gathering with no added value” as per the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The following report by the Syrian Al Ikhbariya news channel further explains:

The video is also available on YouTube, BitChute, Odysee, and Rumble.


Russia has strongly criticized the European Union’s plans to organize a conference for the so-called ‘Supporting the future of Syria and the region’ in Brussels without inviting the Syrian and Russian governments to it, stressing that it is of no value without their presence.

The Russian Foreign Ministry clarified in a statement that holding the so-called Brussels conference without the participation of representatives from Syria and Russia, and after losing the United Nations sponsorship completely, it turned into a Western gathering that has no added value, as there is no real effort to solve the urgent humanitarian problems in Syria away from any politicization and within the framework of the internationally recognized guiding principles of humanitarian support stressing that Washington and Brussels are the ones who are suffocating the Syrians with illegal unilateral sanctions.

The statement clarified that Brussels decided this time not to invite Russian officials who participated in donor conferences on Syria to attend this event, which prompted United Nations officials to abandon the status of co-chair of the conference and only attend at the level of experts, noting that the Brussels conferences are slipping further into the reckless politicization of humanitarian issues as Western organizers bear the responsibility of already doing their best to prevent the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland, pointing out that Western donors are proud of their donations without being embarrassed by the fact that Washington and Brussels are the ones suffocating the Syrians with illegal and unilateral sanctions, and the United States occupies the Syrian lands of Al-Jazirah and Al-Tanf within the so-called international coalition against ISIS, and plunders Syria’s natural resources and contributes to polluting the environment.

The Syrian and Russian joint coordinating bodies for coordinating the return of the displaced confirmed in a joint statement in April of last year that Western countries allocate funds to prevent the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland and that the so-called Brussels Conference aims to destabilize the situation in Syria and the region.

End of the transcript.

It’s no coincidence that the same parties who created the Syrian refugees’ crisis in the first place by plotting a regime change in Syria under the guise of the US-led Arab Spring movement over a decade ago, and who are the same parties behind the refugees and displaced crises in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and almost every humanitarian crises around the world by creating terrorist groups, imposing inhumane sanctions as collective punishments of entire populations, imposing blockades on countries like in Yemen and hundreds of thousands of people like in Gaza, these same parties would push toward collecting the profit of their hard work in causing some of the world’s largest man-made catastrophes, after all, they have invested hundreds of billions of dollars and euros to see their efforts fail to achieve total hegemony all over the world after they faced the first main obstacle in Syria and are struggling now to succeed in Ukraine.

Western countries still act as if they’re the world’s police states, the colonialist powers they used to be, and the exporters of freedoms and democracy to the world, such conferences convening like the one in Brussels without the concerned parties is a sheer example of their outdated way of thinking even after their reality was exposed by the real international community which comprises the majority of the world’s countries and populations, not the merely 10% of western countries self-proclaiming they are this international community.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Hypocrite criminal NATO and ilk, they’re behind the suffering of the Syrian people and every other people on the planet including their own, no good to be expected out of them.


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