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Russia, Syria, and the Western Media

Early December 2012, a Syriann child was coerced by U.S. FSA friends to hack off the head of a Syrian man with a machete.

It was obvious to come, so very obvious…

The western media are telling us:
When the USA and allies are illegally bombing residential areas in Syria, killing hundreds of civilians, or destroying oilfields and infrastructure, this is fighting ISIS-terrorism.
When the USA did not bomb ISIS driving aroung at bright sunlight in the plain iraqi desert, this was adequate to keep the pressure on the former iraqi MP Maliki to step down (Obama in a Washington-Post-interview).
Bombing Syria by the west is needed as revenge for those refugees drowned in the Mediterranian Sea (british newspaper The Sun) and to fight ISIS.
When Russia is legally bombing western-made alQaeda- and ISIS-terrorists in Syria, and by this does eliminate the most severe thread to the syrian people, this is a Russian Aggression (Fox News).

We must be braindead for buying this lunatic shit.

The western hysterical reaction, the coldhearted (obvioulsy pre-fabricated) propaganda-lies, spit on us by our western mainstream media, do prove the following very cleary:
1. The western terroristic entities never changed their goal: regime change in Damascus. They only proved capable and willing to adapt their style of talking, their propaganda-output against Syria, to actulal needs.
But still they are convinced that they own the world and can do like they please: Creating, financing, arming and instructing terrorist groups as western boots on the ground to destroy Syria and genocide syrian civilians for breakfast? Enjoying car bombs blowing up whole houses and killing civilians in highest numbers, children preferred, at lunch? Sipping tea while bombing residential areas for dinner? It is such easy, so very delightful, is it not?
2. But now, as the Russian bear (poked by the greedy imperialists for about a decade) is awaken and helping Syria, the western beasts turn into hysteria: we did not allow the bear to dance at our playground! And, for sure, Syria is OUR playground, where we deploy our terrorists from 90 countries (but none from Syria), where we blame every atrocity fabricated by ourselves on Assad, where we kill, rape, plunder, steal, devastate, destroy like we want.

Just a question: Are we not just hysterical about Russia because we realised we lost the game?
We realised that we will not gain any return on investment (ROI) in terrorism against Syria. And this makes us angry. All the nice money spent on creating, training, arming, and instructing our lovely terrorists will not pay back! There will be no cash-day. This is not acceptable for the west, run by criminal banksters and their tools, the psychopathical muppets of the political elite. They want their toys! They want their games! And they want their money back.
This is our attitude. Infact, we are free of any morale, any sense, any humanity, but stuffed with greed, arrogance, hatred and killing-instinct, instead. We are monsters. No wonder the most effective goods we do export are genocide, labelled democracy, plunder, painted as freedom and destruction, named humanitarian aid.

This illegitimate and genocidal western supremacy has to be ended, soon. For the sake of mankind. And it seems that Russia and China (together with others) are about to end our world domination party. Finally.

In the end, this is the good news.

Stefan Heuer

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