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Exclusive Full Speech of Israel Prime Minister at United Nations

Netanyahu at the UN

After hard work and extensive efforts we managed to collect the full speech of the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. This might be the most important speech by a Zionist leader since the illegal creation of the so called state of Israel.

Viewers discretion is advised as there will be a huge amount of information per minute released by the Zionist leader addressed to the audience and to the world.

If you were expecting any valuable information or any positive policy to be revealed then you must have had your expectations exaggerated. This is a leader of herds of foreign settlers promised to settle in lands of others after stealing it by forces and under the sponsorship of the Western world, so it won’t be logic to expect anything positive or useful from a thug head of a rogue entity.

Netanyahu at the UN
Netanyahu at the UN

Ordering the audience to remain silence then staring at them as if they’re criminals and he’s the victim for 44 seconds was the biggest joke while the whole world is concerned about terror spreading and humanitarian crises caused by illegal interventions and adventures by the ‘Humanitarian Bastards‘.

Netanyahu at the UN
Netanyahu at the UN
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  1. Mumar Zaphile

    You spun this in a typical anti Jewish way.
    News should be impartial. Now think about the oil you lost and the death you will face

  2. miri

    No, Netanyahu sullies the memories and corpses of those killed during the shoa. Go read some of Bettelheim’s essays, and enlighten yourself.

    (I’d introduce you to Mengele’s “pet Jew,” but she died, a few years ago.)


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