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Reports of Syrian Intelligence Take Custody of Traitor Capt Riad al-Ahmad

In a series of defections through the ranks of the Officers from the Syrian Arab Army that fled to Turkey and made it a base for Treacherous Operations against their Country, one of the first officers that turned traitor from the Syrian Arab Army was Captain. Riad Al-Ahmad, who has now been arrested by Syrian Intelligence, and returned to Syria from Turkey.

According to information obtained by the News site Covenant, the Traitor “Riad Al-Ahmad” disappeared on the morning of Tuesday 29th last month, after arriving in Antioch from Ankara on a field mission to support Armed groups operating inside Syria under the Command of an Operations Centre working inside Turkish Territory ”

Information stated that “Captain Riad Al-Ahmad had a meeting organised with dealers and smugglers of weapons at a cemetery near one of the Turkish-Kurdish villages on the border with Syria,  hiring a taxi to take him to the cemetery, he vanished shortly afterwards never making if to the appointment.

Opposition sources reported Syrian Kurdish, which are active on the border said, “Riad Al-Ahmad is now in the custody of Syrian Air Force Intelligence, following receipt from Armed Turkish/Arab loyalists to Syria, and added “Al-Ahmad” had become close to Terrorist Sheikh Salafi Adnan Aeraour because he was one of the first Syrian officers to defect even before (Hussein Hermosh) who fled Syria for Turkey after the Battle of Banias in 2011, and enjoyed large support by regional countries supporting the Armed groups in Syria, especially Turkey, which is what made him on the wanted list of the Syrian State and the Syrian Arab Army, his arrest and return from Turkey Alive is a great achievement by Syrian Air Force Intelligence, bringing with him a treasure trove of important information needed by the Syrian leadership in the current war.

Opposition sources said, “Syrian Kurdish fighters in Turkey which are loyal to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, have on many occassions delivered Syrian opponents from Turkey to Syria. ”

Following the kidnapping Operations of Syrian Traitors from the opposition, Turkish authorities have taken security precautions to protect defectors who are in Antioch, where security has now been tightened around their place of residence as well as increased security precautions around their movements and higher security surveillance by Turkish Authorities on the families of officers in the refugee camps of Turkey and around the camps, in anticipation of further operations carried out by Syrian intelligence…JA

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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