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a terrorist from libya in syria

This video shows Abo Hafs Al-Libi while he is preaching at one of the mosques of Aleppo. Abo Hafs is a terrorist from Libya who has come to Syria to spread freedom and democracy by the sword!! His favorite quotation is: “I can see heads that are ripened and now it is time to harvest them”!
He said that he rejects the dialogue between the Syrian government and the Syrian opposition -though he is not Syrian- and he threatened to sever the head of anybody who disagree with him; which; reflects the democracy that the Arab Spring has brought to the region!!

In my opinion; this creature can never be considered as a rebel or a freedom fighter or even as a human being! I guess that he is either a Gorilla that escaped from a Zoo or a mad man who escaped from a mental institution! If these are the kind of rebels; that the US and EU are loving so much and supporting; why don’t they take them to their countries to spread their freedom there and let us live in peace and enjoy the slavery?

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