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Reports: US Marines at Jordanian border with Syria


According to some new reports, US Marines have been deployed to Jordan along the border with Syria while the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) defeats more and more foreign-backed terrorist groups within the Arab nation. The proxy war and plans of a regime change in Syria by some foreign powers and traitors seem to fail.

The units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) inflict heavy losses on the Israeli and US-backed jihadists and gunmen on Syrian soil while it is also reported that not as many Hezbollah fighters as reported by the Western propaganda media are helping the Syrian units in the battles against the religious fanatics, uneducated thugs and al-Qaeda terrorists.

New reports about the deployment of US Marines to the Jordan border with Syria say that over 1,000 US troops have headed towards this border region with Syria under a heavy escort of the Jordanian military (some might wonder if something like this really exists). The US troops have allegedly arrived in Jordan at the port of Aqaba via Israel some days earlier. It is to mention that the sources of these reports are Israeli sources and thus, all the information is to take with caution.

According to these Israeli sources and the following reports by the mass media, the US troops are allegedly members of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Force and the United States and the Jordan proxy kingdom have even (alleged) imposed a so-called news blackout on the deployment of US troops on Jordanian soil but then it is questionable why especially Israeli sources should report about it despite such a so-called news blackout about the deployment of US Marines to the Jordanian border with Syria.

It is even reported afterwards that also some US sources have confirmed that the (alleged) presence of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Force in Jordan has nothing to do with military drills set to be held between American and Jordanian troops later this month and thus, some might wonder whether it is about an intervention in Syria or the next plans about a targeted assassination of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a on-going military intervention or in a covered operation by such a Marines unit.

It is possible that our author Arabi Souri has more information later this day. Stay tuned.

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  1. Bill Carson

    Most Americans seem to not even know anything about this nor do they care. It is sickening to watch this unfold. Totally sickening to watch the jews get us into this mess as they have everything else.


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