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occupied golan heights apples crossed syria

Golan Apples

14,500 tons of the world’s best quality apples bought by the Syrian government from Syrian farmers in the occupied Golan Heights all passed through the Quneitra main gate since March 5, 2013 till today. This is the largest quantity produced ever. NATO propagandist media claim all Syrian Arab Army crossing points with the occupied heights were seized by the NATO backed Al-Qaeda terrorists, this exposes one more of their countless lies throughout the Syrian crisis.

Apples crossing Quneitra Gate from occupied Golan Heights into Syria
Apples crossing Quneitra Gate from occupied Golan Heights – Picture from 1st shipment in March 2013

The Syrian government with the help of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Forces and the International Red Cross bought the produce of the Syrian farmers in the occupied territories, the farmers refuse to sell their products to the occupiers. In March this year the Qataris in coordination with Israel tried to pressure the farmers into selling their products in an attempt to show the Syrian state is weak and unable to support its citizens, the farmers response was: ‘We will throw it and not sell it to Zionist Qatar‘.

The Syrian Golan Heights occupied by the Zionist entity known as Israel since 1976, Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad vowed to liberate the Heights through popular resistance after the ill-planned Zionist raid against a chicken hen and a weapons depot near Damascus early last month, and gave orders to the Syrian Arab Army to retaliate to any Zionist aggression without returning to upper commands.

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